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Database: Mosrite – The last U.S.A. years 1976–1995

Data base — a collection of serial numbers and years

Here’s a collection of serial numbers of Mosrite’s last U.S.A. years. Semie Moseley was working with a small team, making something like one guitar per day – there are series of guitars but also a lot of one-offs, proto-types, custom mades … There are serial numbers that make sense in a line and serial numbers that won’t match in any row … And there are the so called „parts-rites“, Mosrites that are made from parts (signed and unsigned, finished and roughly shaped) that were sold after Semie’s death, for example to Canada (often stamped C93).

Please note: All information here is the autor’s belief. The estimated numbers of made exemplars are a rough guess from the saved serial numbers. All information is without engagement, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

If you have any more informations about serial number and model and year or have pictures of your Mosrite that you’d allow me to publish here, please tell me at max@hang10.de


Jan 23, 2021: R029 (1985 Anniversary ’65 Ventures model) and MOT-1 (custom made for Mötley Crüe) added
Feb 13, 2021: 300x, 3037 (Golden Commemorative) and JM06 (Jow Maphis Doubleneck) added
Mar 04, 2021: T003 (?, Terry model) added
Mar 23, 2021: ME002 (Equalizer model) added
Mar 24, 2021: N91-52 (The Nokie model), NC026 (1984 Ventures 65RI) and USA001 (Built in Soul model) added
Apr 03, 2021: 01587 (Tone Chamber) added
Apr 06, 2021: 63002 (63RI) and SM036 (Built in Soul model) added
Apr 22, 2021: 64001 (64RI) added
May 05, 2021: CC41 (65RI), KK008 (Yuzo Kayama model) and KC021 (Yuzo Kayama model) added
May 06, 2021: G2004 (Joe Maphis Single Neck) added
Jun 08, 2021: SM P4 (Built in Soul model) added
Oct 03, 2021: Links for 63·03 and 87043 added
Oct 13, 2021: V0146 (63RI) added
Jan 02, 2022: 1060 (65RI) added
Feb 18, 2022: CC49 (65RI) added

Ventures Reissues


Mosrite Ventures Reissues 1976–1985

77197665RIwhite or Pearl WhiteMoseley, bolt neck, no body binding, top jack, trussrod screw at headstock, M-knobs, 1976 headstock logo, eBay October 2016: Mosrite USA The Ventures Model Used w / Hard case, BIN 3418 USD. Not sure about the serial number.
78197665RIblackMoseley, bolt neck, no body binding, top jack, trussrod screw at headstock, M-knobs, 3.62kg, 1976 headstock logo, eBay May 2016: Mosrite 76~78’VENTURES MODEL Black Electric Guitar Free Shipping from JAPAN, BIN 3162 USD.
838197663RIPearl WhiteVibramute, set neck, body binding, top jack, spun knobs, 1976 headstock logo, pictures here in dorkrockrecord’s photobucket: Mosrite Mark I 1976
101976„Bicentennial Reissue“Pearl WhiteMoseley, top jack, set neck, body binding, trussrod screw at headstock, M-knobs; some pix and info here at surfguitar101: Mosrite Ventures Mark I Bicentennial Reissue
175B197865RI with body bindingSunburstMoseley, top jack, M-knobs, pots 1978, pix here at facebook: 1978 Mosrite Ventures
no s/n197865RIPearl WhiteVibramute, top jack, M-knobs, pots: 1377812 (March ’78)
93197865RIPearl WhiteMoseley, top jack, M-knobs. eBay June 2016: 1978 Vintage Mosrite MARK-I 1965 Electric Guitar 6 String 1970s w/OHSC, BIN 3289 USD.
TO RD ·SM3·1978 (?)65RISunburstMoseley, top jack, neck binding, trussrod screw at body end, M-knobs. Thanks to H.N. for his contribution.
×15×197963RISunburstMoseley, top jack, set neck, body binding, trussrod screw at headstock, M-knobs. The „ד in the serial number are very small, probably made with a small Phillips screwdriver ;)
003x197965RISunburstfor sale March 2016, ad here: Mosrite 1979年製 USAモズライト社製造品 KY-UP製ピックアップ付き(リア)ビブラミュートモデル, price: ¥268,000
X165X1979 (?)63RIblack/blackMoseley, top jack, M-knobs, triple body binding, trossrod adjustment at headstock; eBay December 2016: MOSRITE THE VENTURES Used w/ Hard case, BIN 3193 USD (3009 EUR then) from Japan (free shipping). X165X is the serial number.
CC13197965RISunburstthanks to АЯ for showing.
CC41197965RISunburstYahoo May 2021: ★☆美品 MOSRITE Made in U.S.A 65年モデル Ventures モズライト ベンチャーズ USA☆★
CC44197965RIOlympia White (ref.)hardware changed to Moseley hardtail (custom made by Expat Guitars, Tokyo), picture here at the mosriteforum: Mosrites at Expat Guitars!!!
CC49197965RIPearl WhiteVibramute, Yahoo February 2022: mosrite モズライトUSA 中古品 ハードケース付き, starting at 298,000 Yen (€2.389,96 then)
CC66197965RISunburstVibramute, some info and a link to some pictures here at the mosriteforum
AF007198465RIsunburstblack AF-Moseley, mint condition, eBay January 2015: MOSERITE VENTURES MODEL,6STRING,AMERICAN,MOSERITE,RIGHT-HANDED starting at 13,000 USD, BIN 16,900 USD.
AF00x (?)198465RIcustom paintingblack AF-Moseley
AF01x (?)198465RISunburstblack AF-Moseley, owned by Marshall Crenshaw, found here: dater une guitare ancienne MOSRITE
AF0341984??found here: dater une guitare ancienne MOSRITE
AF1414198465RICalifornia Grapeblack Moseley, info and pictures here and here at facebook.
NC026198465RIsparkle goldMoseley, owned by Semie himself, for sale at Gbase March 2021: ~1982 Mosrite Semi’s own Ventures gold sparkle, price 12000 USD.
NC050198465RIsparkle whiteMoseley
NC150198465RISunburstMoseley, unbound rosewood fretboard with brass markers, late bridge, strange headstock logo (without The Ventures), humbuckers, wooden sunburst neckplate, headstock’s back signed by Semie Moseley in 1984; Reverb April 2018: Mosrite Ventures re issue 1984 3 color burst, price 2900 USD. I have no idea what it is; I’d say it’s a partsrite, but that may be only me ;)
B068198465RI BassblackVentures logo, duckfoot tuner, bass humbuckers – I guess it was made 1984 as there’s a very similar bass at 1984 NAMM pictures
R0291985„anniversary ’65 model“black, Sunburst neck’s backeBay January 2021: The Ventures ’65 Mosrite of California Black Electric Guitar 1985 USA Made+Case, BIN 4219 USD
R0301985„anniversary ’65 model“black, Sunburst neck’s backplate on case says „anniversary ’65 model made by S. Moseley October 1985“; yahoo April 2018: ★Mosrite モズライト 85年製 アニバーサリー ’65モデル ベンチャーズモデル ハードケース付 11-171, 3.8kg, 600,000円
?198563RISunburstCustom order made by Semie Moseley (according to ad), bound body and headstock, for sale December 2016: USA MosriteモズライトSemie Moseley所有、モズレー自身のギター, price Yen 780.000 (EUR 6357/6748 USD then).

Ventures Reissues

1986-1987 – Jonas Ridge, NC

The following guitars are all 1965 Reissues made in Jonas Ridge, NC, in 1986 and 1987. They have been sold on ebay in 2001; here’s the original text of those auctions:

„I have been hired by the widow of Semie Mosley’s most significant partner/owner to sell the last 37 Mosrite guitars from the North Carolina Mosrite manufacturing facility. These guitars have been warehoused since they were made in 1986 and 1987. They are all unsold, as-new, not „pre-owned“. They are mostly in dead-mint condition, except for a few that have extremely minor dings or marks from having been stored for 13 years. All guitars are hand made by Semie Mosley and are signed by Semie Mosley on the backs of the pegheads. They all still have the original strings that were put on by Semie at the shop. Since all are hand-made, no two are exactly alike. There are the slightest variations in features such as binding, position dots, peghead shape, etc. They are all made of alder, with maple necks. Each guitar weighs about 8 or 9 pounds. Most of these guitars have a beautiful Sunburst finish, about the best I’ve seen by any maker (including the early Mosrites). Others have rare custom colors, such as white, black, or candy-apple red. Some also have shaded or colored necks. Sixteen of these guitars come with very expensive flight cases that were specially ordered for these uniquely shaped guitars when they were made. I have been told that these cases cost about $250 wholesale when ordered. These cases are covered with the same durable gray carpet-like material that is used on heavy-duty road cases for PA equipment. The cases are heavy, weighing twice as much as the guitars at about 16 to 18 pounds.

These guitars will be sold one at a time, exclusively through ebay.

Included with each guitar will be a signed letter of authenticity from the widow of Semie’s North Carolina partner, stating the serial number, and that it is an original Mosrite guitar, hand-made by Semie Mosley that has been in storage in Morganton, North Carolina since it was made at Semie’s shop in North Carolina. All guitars were made or at least completed at Jonas Ridge, N.C. Also included (by special request) will be photocopies of some important factory papers from the time the shop folded, including invoices, financial figures, letters, etc. Please e-mail me for details on these papers. The original documents may be sold separately on ebay in the future.“

A letter from Semie Moseley to Mosrite’s customers, December 1, 1986:

„Thank you all for your interest in Mosrite. I am going to try to explain, in this letter, what has been happening with Semie Moseley and Mosrite.

First, let me apologize for this being a form letter. I have over one thousand letters which have accumulated during my illness and shutdown. Some day, in the near future, the Semie Moseley and Mosrite Guitar story will be in process. it will read like a fairytale – a drama – a love story; from rags to riches – to rags – to the fight back, from one major tragedy to another, from the very beginning through its evolution to the 1980’s.

My wife, Loretta, and I were in an automobile accident which should have taken our lives. A few months in the hospital and more than a year being disabled left us financially depleted and nothing to brag about physically. I went through another major surgery. Our entire factory was destroyed by fire causing a total loss of guitars, inventory, equipment, and much more. It was well over a million dollar loss. The story doesn’t end there, now you have a general idea of where we’ve been and why. It has been only through strength from God that we have survived all of this. I still am determined that we will win.

For a while, during the time I was sick, I tried to get help in order to continue building my Mosrite Guitars. But I was not too happy with the quality and the way things were going without my direct attention, so I shut Mosrite down one more time. About eleven months ago, after the last shutdown, I required radical colon surgery. I am now fully recovered and weight two hundred pounds. Our factory is back in Jonas Ridge, North Carolina.

Once again, I am going to build Mosrite Guitars in limited quantity. I will re-introduce the Ventures Model. I will also build a new model which will have the option of my newly designed dual coil Mosrite pickups. I will also offer, once again, the Joe Maphis double neck and single neck. I will be directly involved in this production, and will guarantee my guitars for my lifetime.

If you have not given up on me, please write and let me know of your interest. I will respond to your request immediately.

Mosrite Forever,

Semie Moseley, President

P.S. I don’t plan on making any National Promotion until after my guitars are offered to you and my other Mosrite friends. Hope to hear from you soon.“

Mosrite Ventures Reissues 1986–1987

00186198665RISunburstSunburst Neck – thanks to RL for showing me!
00286198665RIblackSunburst Neck
00486198665RICandy Apple RedCandy Apple Red Neck
00586198665RIblackBlack Sunburst Neck
00786198665RISunburstSunburst Neck
00886198665RISunburstSunburst Neck
00986198665RISunburstSunburst Neck
01086198665RISunburstSunburst Neck
8647198665RISunburstSunburst neck; not from that 2001 eBay batch: eBay April 2015: Early 1980’s Mark V Venture model Mosrite
8649198665RISunburstSunburst neck; not from that 2001 eBay batch: gbase December 2015: 1986 Mosrite Ventures. Not completely sure about the serial number as it’s hard to read on the pictures and the description only says „It was the 49th guitar that he built that year and signed by him on the back of the headstock in 1987.“ Price: 3500 USD
05186 A198765RIwhiteNatural neck, signed by Semie 1987 on the back of the headstock (so it seems to be a very late 1986). Thanks to MW (different from the 87008 MW) for his contribution and the pictures.
87008198765RIwhiteThanks to MW for his contribution and the pictures. The owner visited Semie Moseley in Jonay Ridge in November 1988 and purchased this guitar and an M1988 prototype, video here: A day with Semie Moseley „Mosrite“.
02087198765RICandy Apple Red

Ventures Reissues

1988-1995 – Jonas Ridge, NC and Booneville, AR

Mosrite Ventures Reissues 1988–1995

87034198863RISunburst1987, signed (under lacquer) in 1988, at www.frettedamericana.com October 2012, price: 5500 usd, thanks to J.P.
87043198863RIEmerald Greenat mosriteforum.com; mosrite owner’s list says it’s made 1991 (wrong).
As of June 2021 it’s for sale at Reverb: Mosrite Ventures Sidejack 1988 Emerald Green, price: 5,000USD. An included certificate (signed January 21, 1992) by Semie Moseley tells it was made in May 1988.
V0011198965RISunburst1989, Jonas Ridge, bought from Semie Mosley at the 1989 Dallas Guitar Show. Reverb July 2016: Mosrite Ventures Model (RARE) SIGNED & DATED by SEMI MOSLEY, price: USD 4650. eBay July 2016: Details about Mosrite Ventures Model Vintage Guitar- ORIG & Signed by Semi Mosley – New Cond. for BIN 2750 ;)
V0111198965RIblack1989, Jonas Ridge, Expat Guitars 2500,-
895011198965RI bassPearl White1 piece neck, Schaller tuner
V040111989 or 9065RICandy Apple Redmentioned here
V0097199064RIPearl Whitepicture here at the mosriteforum: Mosrites at Expat Guitars!!!
V01461990 or 199163RISunburstYahoo auction, November 2021: ★Mosrite/モズライト The ventures model/ベンチャーズモデル 1963年仕様 セットネック/ボディバインディング 同梱×/160.
Pot: WD500 5839021 – no idea who the maker is (WD?), but the last 4 digits seem to tell it’s a 21st week 1990 pot. Headstock back signed by Semie Moseley (unreadable on the small pictures).
V1054199064RIblackDecember 2015, ad here: モズライト USA 1965年モデル セミーモズレー, auction starting at 500,000 YEN, BIN 1,000,000 YEN (7460 EUR/8120 USD then)
B9006199065RI bassPearl WhiteSimilar to the CJ Ramone bass but with two pole-less pickups. Brass bridge, brass Moseley hardtail. eBay January 2016: Mosrite Ventures Bass Electric Bass Guitar w/ Hard Case, BIN 3995 USD.
90-007199065RI bassPearl White
V911x199165RIblackSigned by Semie Moseley 1990, ebay Septemer 2016 ad here: pictures here: 1990 Mosrite Authentic Final Ventures model 65Reissue with sign Black guitar USA, starting at USD 7000, from Japan. Last digit hard to read on the pictures.
V9135199165RISunburstSigned by Semie Moseley 1991, pictures here: Droolworthy: Mosrite Vibramute Ventures Model.
V9159199165RIPearl WhiteSigned by Semie Moseley 1990/91, auctioned here: 美品フルオリジナルモズライト65セミ・モズレーサイン入り.
630021992 (?)63RImetallic blue incl. necknot signed, Semie Moseley headstock logo
63·03199263RIredat mosriteforum.com.
As of June 2021 it’s for sale at Reverb: Mosrite Ventures Model 1992 Metallic Red Hand built by Semie Mosley, price: 5,000USD.
630071992 (?)63RImetallic blueDecember 2016 ad here: USED Mosrite of California USA 63 Reissue The Ventures Model, price: Yen 297.000 (EUR 2421/USD 2564 then).
According to the pot dates it is made 1996.
630081992 (?)63RImetallic redGold hardware, April 2018 ad here: 1992年製造 生誕30周年記念 Mosrite USA Ventures Model モズライト メタリックレッド ベンチャーズ モデル, price: 480,000円
Serial number according to ad.
631391991 (?)63RIblue
631461991 (?)63RICandy Apple Red
632151992 (?)63RImetallic redI have no real idea when these 63RIs have been made. 63215 has a hang tag that says „Booneville, AR“, so it has been made 1992 at the earliest. A sticker on the case says „’92“.
eBay April 2018: Mosrite 63 REISSUE M-RED Used Free Shipping, BIN $2.996,00 (EUR 2.420,62 then); and
eBay April 2018: Mosrite 63 REISSUE M-RED Electric Guitar Free Shipping Made in USA Red 1992 , BIN $2.911,00 (EUR 2.351,94 then)
64001199364RISunburstQsic-ad April 2021: Mosrite 64 Ventures 3TS 1993年製, price 198,000円. Certificate signed April 6, 1993
640101993 (?)64RI with body bindingSunburstFrettedamericana-ad October 2012: 1983 Mosrite The Ventures (Triple-Bound body Re-Issue), price 3,850US$. The ad’s dating comes from the pot dates R 137 822X and is just wrong ;) „This guitar was purchased from the collection of Loretta Barrier Moseley and is in mint (9.50) condition. Description: „Complete with the original tag reading „11139 5/24/96 / Loretta Barrier Moseley Guitar „The Ventures“ S# 64010 / (1 of 4)…“
RANDY199165RI bassPearl Whitecustom bridge and finger rest; build for Randy Moseley, pix and description here at Reverb.com: Mosrite Ventures Bass. SPECIAL. 1991 Pearl White. Last Guitar built by Semie Moseley. Only One.
1008 S199265RIPearl WhitePot-date: 92-23
1010 S199265RISnowflake Whitemade for Arlington Guitar Show, picture here at the mosriteforum: Mosrites at Expat Guitars!!!
As of July 2018 it’s for sale in Japan: USAモズライト V-65 ☆1992年10月のテキサスギターショーに展示された貴重なモズライトです
1016 S199265RIInk Blue
1019 S199265RIPearl WhiteeBay April 2018: MOSRITE THE VENTURES MODEL 65′ REISSUE rare vintage w/ hard case from JAPAN F/S, BIN 4039 USD
1060199365RIPearl WhiteeBay January 2022: Mosrite USA The Ventures model, 4063,–USD from Japan. Certificate signed by Loretta Moseley May 21, 1993.
1094199265RIPearl Whiteyahoo April 2018: 1992年製 Mosrite USA Ventures Model 65年Type モズライト USA ザ ベンチャーズ モデル パールホワイト, 368,000円
V9265 A199265RIInk BlueSigned by Semie Moseley 1992, auctioned here: モズライト92年/セミーモズレー氏の直筆サイン入り
V9285199265RIInk BlueSigned by Semie Moseley 1992
V92127 S199264RIblack to silver burstSigned by Nokie Edwards 1993, some pictures here: 1992・Ventures Model ’64 Sample 私、所有
V92100 A199265RI?
V81382 93199365RISunburstVibramute
V9304199363RIgreensburst sparkle (ref.)Vibramute, some pictures here: 1993・Ventures Model ’65 Refinish
V93009 S199365RISunburstVibramute, eBay November 2016: Mosrite USA 1965 Reissue sunburst Basswood Body Used Electric Guitar From Japan, BIN 2955 USD
V93010 S199365RIPearl WhiteVibramute, eBay May 2018: 1993 Mosrite 63 VENTURES Model w/HC Free Shipping, BIN 3108 USD
V93023 LE01199365RIblackVibramute
V93351993 (?)65RICandy Apple RedVibramute
V93039199365RIPearl WhiteVibramute, pictures here at facebook: This guitar is the 1993 model of S/N V93 039
V93040199365RICandy Apple RedVibramute, eBay May 2020: Mosrite USA The Ventures model 1965 Used, BIN US$4,643.40 from Japan
V93082199365RIInk BlueCertificate signed by Jerry Standridge on July 15, 1993 – Made by United Sound Association – Booneville, AR – Owned by Semie’s wife, Loretta Mosley. Mosrites from Booneville, Arkansas
V93090199365RIPearl WhiteJauce April 2020: USA Moslite 65 year model Reish, seems it was auctioned for 150,000yen (1,264€ then).
V93103199365RISunbursteBay December 2017: Mosrite ’65 VENTURES MODEL 1993 REI, BIN US $4,180.34.
V931xx199365RISunbursteBay June 2016: Mosrite The ventures model made in 1993 manufacturer Unified Inc., BIN US $4,658.46.
V94011199465RIInk Blueyahoo April 2018: 【返品OK】[良品] mosrite V-65 Ink Blue 1994年製 [ME059]
V94012199465RISunburstyahoo July 2017: 【最終ロット】 ☆☆ USA・本物・モズライト Mosrite V94 SB サンバースト ☆☆, 360,000円.
More pictures here at facebook: This guitar is the 1994 model of S/N V94 012
01031992 (?)63RImetallic blueeBay April 2018, ad here: MOSRITE 62 ’40TH ANNIVERSARY 63RE Used FREE Express Shipping. BIN: 7861 USD (from Japan).
01071994/9563RISunbursteBay June 2016, ad here: Free Shipping Used Mosrite ’95 The Ventures Model ’63 Electric Guitar. BIN: 5331 USD (from Japan).

American (aka Mark VII and VIII)

1984 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: AFxxx and NCxxx
Similar to the Ventures model, but without pickguard. The Mark VIII has the wide carving also on the right (e-string) body side and no carving but a rounding between the horns, the Mark VII has a narrow routing around the whole body’s front. The Mark VIII’s three pickups are mounted parallely sloped or diversified.

Mosrite American aka Mark VII and VIII

AF005Mark VIIICalifornia GrapeMoseleydiversified pickups – prototype for 1984 NAMM. The large pearl dots and pearl side dots are unique only to this prototype (production models share small brass dots), as well as the mini-toggle placement on the treble horn, pictures here in dorkrockrecord’s photobucket: Mosrite American
AF006 (?)Mark VIII/Ventures carvingPurpleburstblack Moseleydiversified pickups – not the typical American-carving, more a Ventures model with three pickups – perhaps a prototype (pickguard), ad and pictures here at reverb.com: Mosrite VIII 1984 Purpleburst. Serial number hard to read on the pictures. Price October 2015: €3,477.44EUR (+ €176.07 shipping).
eBay December 2015: 1984 Mosrite VIII Vintage Purpleburst for bin 3995 USD.
AF009Mark VIIIvery dark California Grapeblack Moseleydiversified pickups – picture here at Facebook: 1984 Mosrite VIII.
AF028Mark VIISunburstblack MoseleyThanks to E.L. for showing…
AF041Mark VIIIBlueburstMoseleyparallel pickups (humbuckers without polepieces, no logo covers) –pictures here at facebook: AF041. Thanks to Vincent for all the info!
AF042Mark VIIIPearl WhiteMoseleyparallel pickups – eBay February 2016: 1984 Mosrite Handmade & Signed by Semie Moseley Lot 449 starting at 4500 USD (+25%) as part of a live auction event. Sold for 7500 USD.
AF049Mark VIIISunburstMoseleydiversified pickups; a short video here on facebook: A closer look at an „AF“ (After the Fire) VIII custom-made & signed/dated (1984) by Semie Moseley on back of headstock.
AF2424Mark VIIIGreenburstMoseleydiversified pickups, info and pictures here and here at facebook.
NC043Mark VIIIgreyMoseley
NC106SMark VIIISunburstMoseleyparallel pickups – Reverb 2019:
Mosrite V III 1984 Sunburst
, price: 3600,– USD.
NC112SMark VIIISunburstMoseleydiversified pickups
NC125SMark VIIISunburstMoseleyparallel pickups, Reverb May 2019: Mosrite Ventures 1984 Sunburst, price 3850 USD.
NC126SMark VIIIStorm GreyMoseleydiversified pickups
NC129SMark VIIIblackMoseleydiversified pickups
NC130SMark VIIIblackMoseleyparallel pickups, Reverb May 2019:
Mosrite Mark VIII 1984 Black
, price 6499,– EUR from Sweden.
NC132Mark VIIIPearl WhiteVibramutediversified pickups
NC140Mark VIIIblackMoseleydiversified pickups – story here at tymguitars: 1984 Mosrite VIII.
NC143SMark VIIIStorm GreyMoseleydiversified pickups – Guitar Auctions March 2014: Mosrite Mk.III electric guitar, made in USA 1984, sold for £1600. Here’s a thread with some info and pictures: NGD!!! American Model V3 and an M-88.

Gospel Encounters

1982-84 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: GExxx

Gospel Encounters

Gospel EncountersGE008metallic goldburstwoodG-Base January 2019: 1982 Mosrite Gospel Encounters gold-burst, price: 2995 USD
Gospel EncountersGE050metallic goldburstwoodsome pix and info here: 1984 Goldburst Mosrite Gospel Encounters

Terry model

1985-86 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: T0xx
I guess it’s been made for the Japanese market as a Terauchi Takeshi signature model. Very rare, less asymmetric than a regular Ventures model, with humbuckers and a rose on the headstock.

T003 (?)1985black, neck SunburstVibramuteSinglecoilhyperguitars March 2021: Mosrite ’85 Terry Model Signed by Semie Moseley, price: ¥248,000/US$2309.40. Serial number not realable on the pictures, so more a guess ;) Signed and dated 1985.
T0321986SunburstVibramutehumbucker in singlecoil (polepiece) covereBay May 2016: Mosrite Terry Model, BIN 7060 USD.
T0381986SunburstVibramutehumbucker in singlecoil (polepiece) covereBay December 2017: Mosrite TERRY model 1986 Used Electric Guitar FREE Shipping, BIN 5,547 USD. S/n from the seller’s description, last digit hard to read, could be a 3 or a 5 either – I’d say the s/n is T035

Tone Chamber

1987 – Jonas Ridge, NC

870041987Aquamarine with bird stickerwoodwhite singlecoil with polepiecesfrettedamericana October 2012: 1987 Mosrite The Ventures Model, price: US$3850. According to add: „Chambered two-piece alder body, 14 inches wide and 2 inches deep.“
015871987Pearl White with Whiteburst headstockMoseley vibratoblack singlecoil with polepiecesThe Gear Page thread: What is the model name of this 80’s Mosrite?
Serial number is a doublet, there’s a 1987 Ventures RI with the same number.

Ventures 25th Anniversary

1987-88 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: 25xx
allegedly 12 of planned 25 made

Ventures 25th Anniversary

2502Vibramuterosewood with bindingsilverburst2 black polepieces smooth coversigned 1987, pictures here in dorkrockrecord’s photobucket: Mosrite Ventures 25th Anniversary
2507Vibramuterosewood with bindingsilverburst2 black polepieces smooth covermentioned at mosriteforum.com
2511Vibramuterosewood with bindingsilverburst2 black polepieces smooth coverfor sale at Reverb January 2019: Mosrite 25th Anniversary Ventures Limited 1988 Silver, price: 12,000 USD/10,911 EUR.

M88, M89

1988-89 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: xxx88, xxx89
rounded body, no carve, no pickguard, triangeled plate on back, Moseley tremolo or fixed TP; normally: white PUs with polepieces, white backplate, normal roller bridge. Unbound rosewood fretboard on 2 piece maple neck at the early examples; the later examples have a maple fretboard with rosewood board below or on a 3 piece maple neck, large space between zero fret and stringguide. 1988 logo, signed by Semie on headstock front and back.


3286Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburst2 black polepiecespartsrite (C93 stamp in neck pocket), 90s bridge, normal non-1988 logo
87100Vibramuterosewood with bindingBanana Yellow2 black polepieces1987 (?), 90s bridge, strange logo, strange trussrod cover at headstock, black pickups, Gotoh tuner (?), with hang tag from Jonas Ridge – possibly partsrite; some pix and story here: Potential Mosrite owner in a few days
P088 (?)Moseleyrosewoodgoldburst2 white polepiecesPrototype, featured in this YouTube video: A day with Semie Moseley „Mosrite“ – Semie mentiones the serial number here: 5:25.
Maybe this is the M88 that’s pictured in the 1988 Mosrite brochure?
00588Moseley hardtailrosewoodgoldburst2 white polepiecesEarly 1988 logo (different font) like that in Mosrite’s 1988 brochure; some pix here: The Wally Show, a great video here on YouTube: thewallyshow clip June 2008 Mosrite guitar. Picked up June 10th, 1988
0888Moseley hardtailrosewoodsand metallic2 white polepiecesEarly logo; at eBay Dec 2014: Mosrite M88 low s/n 0888, signed by Semie for BIN 3200 USD.
01388Candy Apple RedFor sale from Tennessee in Vintage Guitar magazine back in 1991 (no pictures, so not more info) – thanks to W.S. for telling me.
01488Moseleymaplesparkle purple2 white polepiecesPicture and thread here at mosriteforum: New Guy with M88s. Thanks to W.S. for the info.
More pix December 2016 here at facebook.
02088Moseley hardtailrosewoodsand metallic2 white polepiecesGuitar Auctions March 2014: Mosrite M-88 electric guitar, made in USA, 1988; one of five officially exported to the UK; sold for £750. This is the guitar that’s pictured in Tony Bacon’s „The Ultimate Guitar Book“ on page 93 or here at gettyimages. April 2015: for sale in Stockholm: Mosrite M88 Signerad av Semie Moseley for 26.000SEK (2800 EUR then).
More pictures here: Mosrite M88 Sand Metallic
02188MoseleymapleCranberry2 white polepiecessome pictures at facebook: Mosrite M88
02388Moseleymaplesand metallic2 white polepieces
02688MoseleymapleCranberry2 white polepiecesThanks to J.P.
02788MoseleyrosewoodPearl White2 white polepieceseBay May 2015 Mosrite M88 s/n 02788 „signed by semie“, BIN 2400 USD.
In November 2015 it can be found on Gruhn Guitars: Mosrite M88, 1988 for 2500 USD.
02888Moseleymaplesandburst2 white polepiecesGuitar Auctions March 2014: Mosrite M-88 electric guitar, made in USA, 1988; one of five officially exported to the UK; sold for £1050
03288Moseley hardtailrosewoodblack2 white polepiecesat eBay Dec 2014: Mosrite M88 Hard Tail „signed by Semie Moseley“ for BIN 3400 USD.
In November 2015 it can be found on Gruhn Guitars: Mosrite M88, 1988 for 2500 USD.
03388Moseley hardtailmapleSunburst2 white polepiecesHardtail meanwhile changed to Moseley tremolo; maybe changed again
03488Moseleymaplegray metallic2 white polepiecesHeadstock back has a ladybug sticker and „To JB“ in Semie’s handwriting. Reverb December 2017 Mosrite M88 1988 Gray Metallic, price 3400 USD (€2.957,05 then). Hope I’ve read the s/n correctly.
03888Moseley hardtailmapleDiamond Yellow/Butterscotch2 white polepiecesGuitar Auctions March 2014: Mosrite M-88 electric guitar, made in USA, 1988; one of five officially exported to the UK, sold for £920. Here’s a thread with some info and pictures: NGD!!! American Model V3 and an M-88.
04088MoseleyrosewoodDiamond Ebony2 white polepiecesThanks to J.P.
04188yellowFor sale from Tennessee in Vintage Guitar magazine back in 1991 (no pictures, so not more info) – thanks to W.S. for telling me.
04388Moseleymaplesparkle blue2 white polepiecesPicture and thread here at mosriteforum: New Guy with M88s. Here’s a video at youtube: Review Mosrite M88 guitar thru Fender amp Semie Moseley. Thanks to W.S. for the info.
04788Moseleymapleblack2 white polepieces
05088MoseleymaplePearl White2 white polepiecesSmall picture here at the Mosrite Owner’s List: Pearl white with white pickups, Flame maple fretboard.
05188MoseleymapleSunburst2 white polepiecesGuitar Auctions March 2014: Mosrite M-88 electric guitar, made in USA, 1988; one of five officially exported to the UK; sold for £800. Some more pictures here at eBay, May 2014: RARE Mosrite M-88 Electric Guitar + Hard Case Made in USA 1988 Signed Sunburst
05788MoseleymapleDiamond Money Green2 white polepieces
0?788MoseleymapleDiamond Ruby Red2 white polepieces
0??88Moseleymaplepink2 white polepieces
0??88Moseleymaplesand2 white polepiecesGreat video here at youtube: Bugera 5 watt amp test with 1988 Mosrite Guitar – could not find out the s/n.
LISA88Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingpink with painting or sticker2 white polepiecesButterflies painting/sticker; some info here: Tyler’s Mum’s Guitar!
The picture is gone, but here’s a little talk about that guitar: One of the Last Mo‘ Bass made by Uncle Semie…….
?Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingbaby blue with painting2 white polepiecesUnicorn and angel painting, some info here: Semie’s grandson, Dustin’s guitar on eBay
00289??Transparent Orange?Curly maple body maple neck, headstock + neck the same color as body; mentioned here at facebook: Wally please check…

V88, V89

1988-89 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: xxx88, Vxxx, Vxx88, 89xxx
softly carved Ventures style body; normally: black PUs with polepieces, normal roller bridge, rosewood fretboard, 1988 logo, signed by Semie on headstock’s back or neck’s back, rarely on headstock’s front


00488Moseleyrosewood with bindingwhite2 white polepieces„for Ed Wilson“ on back of headstock. Pictures here at facebook: A MOSRITE 1988 BUILT BY MOSELY
V0588Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingDiamond Blue2 white polepiecesneck & headstock painted
V0688SunburstFor sale from Tennessee in Vintage Guitar magazine back in 1991 (no pictures, so not more info) – thanks to W.S. for telling me.For sale from Tennessee in Vintage Guitar magazine back in 1991 (no pictures, so not more info) – thanks to W.S. for telling me. Got told it’s number 6, exact serial number’s just a guess ;)
V0788Moseley hardtailrosewood with bindingDiamond Money Green2 white polepiecesHeritage Auctions February 2019: 1988 Mosrite 1988 Diamond Money Green Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # V0788
V0888Moseley hardtailrosewood with bindingDiamond Red2 white polepiecesNot sure about s/n – hard to read on the pictures. Neck, headstock & hardtail painted. Reverb November 2016: Mosrite Model 88 1988 Sparkle Red, price 2500 USD plus shipping.
V012Moseleyrosewood with bindingDiamond Pink2 white polepieces
V015Moseleyrosewood with bindingDiamond Money Green2 white polepiecesReverb April 2017: MOSRITE 1988 V88 DIAMOND MONEY GREEN 1988 USA GUITAR<(a>, price: 4600 USD
V016Moseleyrosewood with bindingSunburst2 black polepiecesTrussrod screw at neck’s body end
V036Moseleyrosewood with bindingDiamond Red2 white polepieces
V040Moseleyrosewood with bindingDiamond Red2 white polepiecesThanks to J.P.
V052Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingPearl White2 white polepieces
WV88001Moseleyrosewood with bindingNatural Walnut2 black polepiecesCustom V; body & neck natural walnut
89101MoseleyrosewoodDiamond Blue2 black polepieces1989
00001Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburst2 white polepieces1989, truss at head, Grover tuner, made for Dan Wilson, pictures here at facebook: Don Wilson’s The Ventures Custom Mosrite



Dear Dealers:

I would like to extend am invitation to you to visit our booth #4493 at the Anaheim Convention Center – where you will see the REAL MOSRITE GUITARS, BUILT BY THE REAL SEMIE MOSELEY. Semie Moseley is the founder and creator of the world famous Mosrite Guitars; the guitars with „THE BUILT IN SOUL“.

It has been many years since I have exhibited my guitars at the Winter Show; si I have made a very special effort to bring the most beautiful guitars in the world to the show. I think it will be worth your while to visit our booth.

While at our booth you will experience the following:

1. The re-introduction of the Joe Maphis Single Neck Model. This, as some of you may remember, is the guitar which I designed in 1952. It was so well received that it was later endorsed by a group called The Ventures; it was then called the VENTURES Model.

2. The NOKIE Model which is endorsed by Nokie Edwards who was the lead guitar player for the Ventures for many years.

3. The RAMONES Model which is endorsed and played by the Ramones.

4. The GOSPEL Model which is played and has been played for many years by many Gospel musicians.

5. I have decided to build 40 very unique and beautiful guitars in honor of my 40th year, in 1992, building my Mosrite Guitars. These forty guitars will be custom made by me before the end of 1992. I will have the prototype on display at the show.

6. We will have two special guest artists at our booth; Brian Lobeck, who began his career as lead guitar player with the Mandrell Family––also taught Barbara to play the guitar. Jody Maphis, the son of Joe and Rose Lee Maphis.

Who knows what other surprises we may have for you. So maybe you should visit our booth #4493, or you might miss something.


Semie Moseley, President of
(the one and only)

The Nokie model

1988-91 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: xxx88, Nxxx, 90xxx

The Nokie model

03688Semie Moseley Vibramutemapledark blue2 white polepieces1988, Semie Moseley tremolo, maple fb, 1988 plus Nokie logo, „1st Nokie prototype“ (?)
N0002Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingDiamonized Ebony2 white polepieces1988, 1988 and Nokie logo
N006Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburst2 white polepieces1989, no Nokie logo, regular Ventures body. For sale here: 1989 Mosrite MK-1 Electric Guitar Sunburst – Used, price: USD 2499. Original Kluson style tuners changed to Grover Rotomatics.
N007Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburst2 white polepieces1989, signed 1988, Nokie logo, picture here at facebook
N012Semie Moseley Vibramutemaplegreen2 white polepieces1989; 1988 and Nokie logo
N014Semie Moseley VibramutemapleSunburst2 white polepieces1989; 1988 and Nokie logo; Reverb November 2016: Mosrite The Nokie 1988, 1400 USD.
N0027Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingCandy Apple Red2 black polepieces1990 (?); Reverb May 2014: 1990/91 Mosrite Nokie Model Candy Apple Red USA Made EX/NM w/HSC, 2195 USD.
N2Moseleymaple with bindingsparkle blue2 black no polepieces1990?, Nokie plate at serial number, signed by Nokie Edwards 1993 but not by Semie
9000xSemie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneerPearl White2 black no polepieces1990, Semie Moseley neckplate, custom vibrato handle, Reverb May 2017: Mosrite The Nokie Pearl White, BIN 6500 USD/6010 EUR. Seriel number hard to read, may be 90004 or 90007.
90009Semie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneerCandy Apple Red2 black no polepieces1990, Semie Moseley neckplate, custom PG, some pictures here: 1990・Nokie Model(初代)
900xxSemie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneerSunburst2 black no polepieces1990, Semie Moseley neckplate, custom vibrato handle, eBay November 2018: Mosrite NOKIE EDWARDS MODEL Sunburst 1990 Made in Japan With Hard Case, BIN 3438USD
90042Semie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneerCandy Apple Red2 black no polepieces1990, Semie Moseley neckplate, pots-date: 89-36
90082Semie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneerSunburst2 black no polepieces1990, Semie Moseley neckplate
N91-38Semie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneersparkle blue2 black no polepieces1991, 1988 + The Nokie headstock logo, Semie Moseley neckplate, signed Semie Moseley at the headstock’s back and by Nokie Edward on the body. Auctioned at jauce.com August 2018: 超希少 極上美品MosriteUSA Nokie model 1988ノーキーモデル オリジナル 限定50本モズライトVENTURESベンチャーズ 自筆サイン入り△537B6-3.
N91-41maple on rosewood veneerneck only sold by C.M. from Canada in 2007 – thanks to G.G. for that info!
N91-45Semie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneersparkle blue2 black no polepieces1991, Semie Moseley neckplate, ebay September 2020: Mosrite 1988 Nokie Model Blue Sparkle 1991 Used, 3716.87 USD.
N91-52Semie Moseley Vibramutemaple on rosewood veneerSunburst2 black no logo1991, Semie Moseley neckplate, Reverb March 2021: Mosrite The Nokie Model 1988 /1210, €4.054,52 from Tokyo.

Semie Moseley Model

1986-92 – Jonas Ridge, NC and Booneville, AR

serial numbers: Txxx, SMxxx

Semie Moseley model

T031Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunbursthumbuckers1986
SMP01Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburst2 black polepiecesSemie Moseley prototype, 1990 (?) Thanks to J.P.
no s/nVibramuterosewood with bindingblack2 black polepieces1991 (?), Sperzel tuner, headstock with „semie moseley Custom“ logo
91 SM02Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindinglight blue with airbrush2 white polepieces1990/91, headstock’s back signed by Semie Moseley 1990
SM004Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingblue with airbrush2 painted polepieces1992, sidejack, Nokie-model body shape.
For sale March 2017 here: Mosrite Ventures Moon, price 1950 USD.
SM005Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingCandy Apple Red with airbrush2 painted polepieces1992, sidejack, Nokie-model body shape

Double Axe

1984-90 – Jonas Ridge, NC

Double Axe

no S/NMoseleyrosewood with mapleCalifornia Grapewhite1984, Double Axe prototype, set neck, carving on top and bottom, normal headstock (narrow as 65 Ventures II); pix and ad here at Fretted Americana: 1984 Mosrite Double Axe
AF001Moseley or black Moseley (changed)rosewood with mapleBurnt Orange3 black polepieces1984, Double Axe prototype, 24 frets, pictures here at Expatguitar’s Photobucket site.
PT1DAXSemie Moseley Vibramutemapleflourescent pink sparkle3 white polepieces1988, Double Axe, carving on top only, Axe headstock (6 tuners in a line), 1988 headstock logo, signed on headstock’s back, pictures here at G-Base: 1988 Mosrite Double Axe Prototype


1989-99 (?) – Jonas Ridge, NC and Booneville, AR

Early ones without ramone’s logo. The first may be the white custom made guitar that was made by Semie for Johnny. Some without logo seem to be 1-pickup-versions of other Mosrites.
The ones with the „The Ramone’s model“-logo may’ve been made by Unified Sound Association after Semie’s passed away.


s/nheadstock logofretboardcolorpickupsnote
0011988 style logo with „V-2“ instead of „1988“rosewood with bindingwhite1 black no polepieces bridge slanted1989, custom made for Johnny Ramone, b/w/b/w/b PG, headstock in body-color, 1988-„M“, bound neck, Grover tuners, fixed Moseley. Headstock has 1988-logo with „V-2“ below „mosrite“. Now on display at Guitar Center in NYC. Used by Johnny as second guitar live from 23.06.1990 (Brain Drain tour) – 20.12.1992 London (Mondo Bizarro Tour) (3.12.1989 Rotterdam he used the brown Ventures II, later again refinished in gold) and on the videos: Merry Christmas, Spiderman, I Don’t Want To Grow Up, MTV Movie Awards Medley (1995). Some pictures and info here: Johnny Ramone’s Custom White Mosrite V-2
?1988-Mrosewood with bindingblack1 black bridge no polepiecesJohnny Ramone’s (?), white PG, natural headstock, 1988-„M“, bound neck, Kluson tuners, fixed Moseley. Given away in 1990 to an Italian fan? Or did the Ramones only deliver it to Italy?
R9003regular Mosrite, no addition except for an (R)rosewood with bindingPearl White1 black bridge straight1990, black PG, natural headstock, bound neck, Kluson tuners, fixed Moseley, Ventures body, Semie Moseley signed headstock back. Belonged to Johnny Ramone. Auction October 2016 here: Johnny Ramone Mosrite Johnny Ramone Model Electric Guitar, 1990, sold for $28,499.
For sale again March 2017 here: Johnny Ramone’s 1990 Mosrite Ventures Model.
R90041988-M, „mosrite“ without any addition except for an (R)rosewood with binding (untypical alignment frets-binding)white1 black bridge straightblack PG, natural headstock, bound neck, Kluson tuners, fixed Moseley, Ventures body. For sale on G-Base.com/ebay for 5900,- USD in September 2011. Auction ended because of discussion if it’s original or not.
Comparision between R9003 and R9004 seems to show that R9004 from the auction/ad is actual fake ;) Even the serial number’s punch stamps have a differnt font.
?Pearl White1 black bridge straightblack PG, natural headstock, classic „M“, wood-tailpiece, Ventures body.
RB0011988-M, „mosrite“ without any additionrosewood with bindingwhite1 black no-polepieces neck1990 Ramones bass custom made for CJ Ramone, Semie Moseley signed headstock back, Moseley hardtail, black Grover tuner, last pictures seen with CJ Ramone February 2001 (date of sale?).
Auction October 2016 at www.skinnerinc.com: C.J. Ramone Mosrite The Ramones Model Electric Bass Guitar, 1990 (link’s gone).
91005regular MosriterosewoodTranslucent Blonde1PU black straight bridgeordered 1990, in fact a Victory III with only one PU, natural headstock, classic „M“-logo, Kluson-tuners; buyer (forum member mosriteguitars) wanted rosewood tailpiece for lower weight, story here at mosriteforum: Ramones Mosrite.
For sale on Reverb in February 2020: Mosrite 1990 „Ramones“ model USA Semie RARE Blonde, price 20,000USD/19,191EUR.
RO2001Ramone’srosewood with bindingPearl White2PU1993?, according to Tim/Tymguitars it’s hollow. My guess: It’s made after Semie’s death, maybe from parts (employee?, Loretta Moseley?). Some info here at mosriteforum: Mosrite – The Ramone’s model and here at guitarnerd: Mosrite – The Ramone’s model.
RO2003Ramone’srosewood with bindingmetallic blue2PU1993?, according to Tim/Tymguitars it’s hollow. My guess: It’s made after Semie’s death, maybe from parts (employee?, Loretta Moseley?). Some info here at mosriteforum: Mosrite – The Ramone’s model and here at guitarnerd: Mosrite – The Ramone’s model.
?Ramone’srosewood with bindingblue1PU, straight1997/2001?, black PG, bound neck, Ramone’s logo, story here: mosriteforum. Was given back to Loretta Moseley. Here’s the old info on Jari-Pekka Laitio’s Ramones site: MOSRITE GUITARS WILL BE BUILDING RAMONES MODEL
?Ramone’smetallic pink (CAR)1PU, straight2001, Ramone’s logo, story here: mosriteforum. Here’s the old info on Jari-Pekka Laitio’s Ramones site: MOSRITE GUITARS WILL BE BUILDING RAMONES MODEL

Gospel Victory I, II, III

1990 – Jonas Ridge, NC

Gospel Victory

??white with painting2 white polepiecesNokiewith Jesus portrait on body, used for promo pictures
no s/nI prototypeSunburst3 black polepiecesVentures1990, Semie Moseley Vibramute, w/b/w/b/w + b/w/b/w/b PGs, hang-tag „3 Pickup / V-1 Gospel / Sunburst“, picture here at facebook: Gospel Victory 1 (Three Pickup Prototype); for sale October 2012 at Fretted Americana for 5500 USD
G9012Igold2 white no polepiecesVenturesGrover Rotomatic tuners, Thanks to J.P.
G1006Igold3 white no polepiecesGospel Victory IKluson style tuners, Thanks to J.P.
G2003IIgold2 white no polepiecesVenturesThanks to J.P.
G3003IIItranslucent blond2PUs, white, no polepiecesslabw/b/w/b/w PG, Thanks to J.P.
GB001Bassred1 black polepiecesanalogue Victory IIw/b/w PG, Mosrite and Gospel logo
GB006Basssparkle gold1 white no polepiecesanalogue Victory IIw/b/w/b/w PG
?/-partsritesparkle gold2 white no polepieces„1990 Gospel by Semie Moseley. Model M-88. Built in Canada from parts.This guitar is 8 lbs/10 oz The back of the headstock is signed and dated by Semie.“ – ad here: Gospel guitar by Semie Moseley. Model M-88, price: 2250 USD

The Joe Maphis Single Neck Model

91 – Jonas Ridge, NC

serial numbers: J0xx

G20041990SunburstSemie Moseley Vibramuteblack singlecoil with polepiecesFacebook May 2021: my Joe Maphis model needs some fret work., s/n as seen on photo
J0011991SunburstVibramuteblack singlecoil with polepiecesSemie Moseley neckplate, ornamented pickguard and arm rest; no logo on headstock
910101991SunburstVibramuteblack humbucker with polepiecesornamented pickguard and arm rest, Joe Maphis model on headstock, signed by Semie Moseley 1990

Nokie 30th Anniversary

1992 – Booneville, AR

Bound Ventures Body, sidejack

Nokie 30th Anniversary

0004 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueThanks to the owner for the info.
0007 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueSigned by Nokie Edwards; ad July 2016 here: mosrite The Nokie 30th FRPツァーケース付き USED品・送料込み, price 1,050,000円 (8932 EUR then). The ad says it’s made Juli 31, 1992.
New ad with better pictures October 2018: mosrite The Nokie 30th  元箱 オリジナルケース付き 中古品
0024 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueSigned by Nokie Edwards 1992
0029 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueeBay October 2015: Free Shipping USED Mosrite USA The Nokie 30th Anniversary 1993 Electric Guitar δ. I don’t know if that’s a real ad, so beware. But the pictures are real. BIN is US $6,463.00. Seems to be in Japan, but who knows…
0032 or 0052 (?) NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle Bluepictures here in dorkrockrecord’s photobucket: Nokie
0044 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueSigned by Nokie Edwards and others – eBay September 2016: Mosrite USA The Nokie 30th Anniversary, price 8401 USD.
0051 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueThanks to the owner for the info.
0056 NA30Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingSparkle BlueburstSparkle BlueSigned by Nokie Edwards

40th Anniversary

1992 – Booneville, AR

Expat Guitars: „Mosrite of California 40th Anniversary The Ventures Model 63 bound sidejack Reissue produced in 1992 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the company. (…) Prototyped by Semie Moseley before his death, (…) only 40 made. Built in Booneville, Arkansas, exclusively for the Japanese market. An accurate recreation of Mosrite’s most iconic design, complete with hot handwound smooth cover pickups, spun knobs, Vibramute, and convex carve on the treble edge. These came in two colors, Nokie (Sunburst) or Don (Strawberry Red) (…). Highly collectible, unseen outside of Japan (…), opaque-to-translucent burst on the back of the neck.“

40th Anniversary

40001Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburstblack smooth polepiecesGolden neckplate „Semie Moseley 40th Anniversary 1952 – 1992“
0059Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburstblack smooth polepiecespictures at hyperguitars: Mosrite ’92 The Ventures Model 40th Anniversary
014xVibramuterosewood with bindingSunburstblack smooth polepiecess/n 0143 or 0145 (hard to read on the small pictures), eBay October 2016: Mosrite 1992 year made USA The Ventures Model 40th Anniversary Electric, BIN 3975 USD. Weight: 3.93kg.
0xxxVibramuterosewood with bindingStrawberry Redblack smooth polepiecessorry, I don’t know the serial number – for sale in Japan November 2016: Mosrite ’92.MOSRITE THE VENTURES MODEL 40TH ANNIVERSARY U.S.A., price: ¥432,000 (3697 EUR/3989 USD then).
0147Vibramuterosewood with bindingStrawberry Redblack smooth polepiecesSerial number hard to read (on the small pictures), eBay January 2016: Mosrite THE VENTURES MODEL 40th Anniversary Strawberry Red, BIN 4588 USD. Weight: 3.75kg.
0149Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburstblack smooth polepieceseBay August 2016: 1992 Mosrite THE VENTURES MODEL 40TH ANNIVERSARY Limited Electric Guitar w/HC, BIN 5215 USD. Weight: 3.95kg.
0153Vibramuterosewood with bindingStrawberry Redblack smooth polepieces
0157Vibramuterosewood with bindingStrawberry Redblack smooth polepiecesyahoo April 2018: 【返品OK】[良品] mosrite MARK-1 1963 Reissue Red ベンチャーズ [ME658], weight: 3.6kg.
0178Vibramuterosewood with binding?black smooth polepiecesCould only find a picture of the framed plate

Built in Soul model

1992-93 – Booneville, AR

M88 body with small pickguard

Built in Soul model

USA001MoseleyRosewood without bindingpurple to light blue metallic (incl. headstock)2 white polepiecesGbase March 2021: 1992 Mosrite Built in Soul blue-burst, price: 12000 USD
SM P4MoseleyRosewood without bindingAntigua, originally Antigua headstock (lost in resoration)2 black polepiecesSkinner Auctions June 2021: Mosrite „Built in Soul“ Model Electric Guitar, 1993; „Restored silkscreen and overspray to headstock face“ according to seller.
Old add before the headstock restoration: 1円【ジャンク】 モズライト風 カスタムギター 【82】.
Juli 2021: 1993 Mosrite Built in Soul Model M88 Electric Guitar USA Vintage Rare, price 2.462,54 €/2.800 $
SM036VibramuteRosewood without bindingmet. blue (incl. headstock)2 black polepieces

Equalizer model

1993 – Booneville, AR

Slab body Ventures model, actually very similar to the 1990/91 Ramones Model/Gospel Victory III but with a bevelling on the lower bout and back (similar to a strat). Allegedly made for the Japanese market; a Mosrite flyer (Booneville, 1992 or 93) calls it „V–1 Series“.

Equalizer model

?Moseley hardtailRosewood without bindingmetallic blue (incl. headstock)2 black polepiecesThe Nokie logo and 88’s M-star on headstock; pictured on a Booneville, Arkansas flyer
ME002Moseley hardtailRosewood without bindingred, red headstock2 black polepieceslarge The Ventures logo on headstock, videos and pictures here: 1993 Mosrite Equalizer
ME003Moseley hardtailRosewood without bindingblack, natural headstock2 black polepiecesno The Ventures logo on headstock

The Golden Commemorative model

1993 – Booneville, AR

Ventures model 30th Anniversary, allegedly 30 built for Japan (golden hardware) and 10 built for the USA (chrome hardware); headstock logo Ventures (without „The“).

The Golden Commemorative model

300xPearl WhiteGolden Vibramuteblack smooth polepiecesReverb February 2021: Mosrite [USED]Model ’63 made in USA [3.83kg] 1993 Pearl White[GTK017], price: ¥550.000 / $5.470,94, s/n hard to read, may be 3009.
3037Pearl WhiteGolden Vibramuteblack smooth polepieces

Yuzo Kayama model

1993 – Booneville, AR

Allegedly 50 in Marine Blue and 10 in Pearl White have been built in the USA in 1993. Unique Vibramute tremolo and headstock logo.

Yuzo Kayama model

KK00xYuzo Kayama Vibramuterosewood with bindingPearl WhiteblackDecember 2015, ad here: モズライト加山KKモデル 1993年パール 製造本数10本程度レアー, price: 860,000 YEN (6420 EUR/7000USD then)
KK008Yuzo Kayama Vibramuterosewood with bindingPearl Whiteblackad here: Mosrite モズライト USA 加山雄三モデル エレキギター ホワイト YUZO KAYAMA 希少 レア, price: 383,999 YEN
KC021Yuzo Kayama Vibramuterosewood with bindingMarine BlueblackMay 2021, ad here: ★Mosrite USA「初代 加山雄三モデル 1993年 シリアル KC-021」モズライト・ビルト・イン・ソウル 30本限定? YUZO KAYAMA MODEL BLUE, sold for 661,000.– YEN. More pictures here: http://www.vintagerecord.com/mosrite
KC03xYuzo Kayama Vibramuterosewood with bindingMarine BlueblackDecember 2016, ad here: モズライト 加山雄三 KC35周年モデル モズライト 加山雄三 KC35周年モデル, price: 480,000 YEN (3941 EUR/4162USD then)


1981-88 – Jonas Ridge, NC


?1981Custom doubleneck for Barbara Mandrellsilver blue glitterchanged to Bartolini pickupsPix and story here: NMM 6191. Electric double-neck guitar by Semie Moseley, Carson City, Nevada, 1981.
PRO0011986Custom doubleneck tribute to Joe MaphisSunburstblack without polepieces and customPix and info in this January 2015 eBay add: 1986 Mosrite JM65 Double Neck Electric Guitar & Octave Guitar; BIN: USD 6775. Old fretted Americana add here: 1986 Mosrite Joe Maphis Double-Neck
JM061986Joe Maphis doubleneckSunburstcustom, black with polepiecesMoseley, “Built with Love By Semie Moseley, 1986”, Reberb February 2021: Super Rare Mosrite Joe Maphis Doubleneck Semie Moseley Signed 1986, BIN 5.150 USD.
JM411987Joe Maphis doubleneckSunburstcustom, black with polepiecesMoseley, “Made with Love By Semie Moseley, 1987” and “For you Joe, Love you, Semie”. At eBay April 2015: 1987 Mosrite Joe Maphis Double Neck Six String Octave Guitar Sunburst Signed, BIN 5995 USD.
725871987Joe Maphis Custom doublenecktransparent cherrybursttransparent cherryburstMoseley, “Made by Semie Moseley for Ross Coan 1987 Semie Moseley” and “To my very dear friend Ross, thank you for your kindness Semie Moseley 1987”. The guitar is not a solid body, the top and back are two pieces of laminated maple and walnut which are hollowed out and glued, the center strip is a solid piece of very flamed maple. Both necks are three piece; laminated flamed maple with a walnut center stripe. The regular fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood the octave fingerboard looks like Indian rosewood. At mosriteforum.com
?1988Custom doubleneck for Larry CollinsRedburstwhite Carvin AP-6 clones by HallmarkPicture here at mosriteforum: Mosrite Double Necks, more on page 2
?1988Mister PresidentSunburst3PUs, white, with polepiecesmade for George Bush Sr. (who never got it). Pix and info in this April 2015 eBay add: MOSRITE MR PRESIDENT GUITAR; starting at USD 30.000, BIN: USD 39.000.

Customs, One-Offs, Prototypes

1981-92 – Jonas Ridge, NC

Guitars that can’t be subsumed in any other category

Customs, One-Offs, Prototypes

1981B016part of bodyrosewood with bindingSunburstbass humbuckerAxe Bass, Auction October 2016: Mosrite Custom Axe Electric Bass Guitar, c. 1980
1984?bright blue metallic1 black polepiecesBarbara Mandrell Guitar Crutch; at
NMM 6190. Electric lap steel guitar by Semie Moseley, Jonas Ridge, North Carolina, 1984.
Moseley (gold)Mark VII/VIII neck without fretmarkers, rosewood with multiple wood bindingBlueburst3 black polepiecesActually a Mark VIII, custom made for Elaine Garnton; for sale at reverb.com:
Mosrite Owned By Elaine Garnton 1985’s Blue One Of kind! Made By Semie Moseley Himself!
, price: 19875 usd
198642839 ROSSMoseleyrosewood with bindingnatural Birdseye maple topcustom wooden humbuckersJoe Maphis Custom, custom made for Ross Coan; for sale at reverb.com:
Mosrite Joe Maphis Custom 1986 Natural
, price: 13500 usd
19871XMoseley hardtailrosewood with bindingStormgrey2 black polepiecesVentures II prototype, very similar to the 1984 Mark VII – hang tag: „The Ventures 11 Grey Body 87 Yr.“, at www.frettedamericana.com October 2012, price: 4850 usd
1988CHRIScustomtranslucent red1 white neck with polepieces1 white neck with polepieces1988 headstock logo, made for Christopher Todd Clark, signed on neck. Some pictures here at the owner’s flickr album Custom Mosrite Hand Made By Semi Moseley Himself.
1989?two brass Vibramutes, sanded down and drilled to hardtailsoctave: rosewood with binding
guitar: rosewood with multiple binding like 1984 Mark VIII
Pearl White3 black polepieces
1 white polepieces
full size pickguard, no pickup rings
Doubleneck, made by Semie Moseley for Mark Moseley, for sale here November 2018:
世界に1本 SEMI MOSELEY入魂 モズライト MOSRITE MARK.MOSELEY model 直筆セミーモズレー遺言?付
, and here:
世界に1本 SEMI MOSELEY入魂 モズライト MOSRITE MARK.MOSELEY model 直筆セミーモズレー遺言?付
,BIN: 5,000,000円 (38,875EUR/44,260USD then).
1989V052Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with bindingPearl White2 white polepiecesTone Chamber (?), Semie Moseley neckplate
1990V0157Vibramuterosewood with bindingSunburst2 black polepiecesSunburst finish with matching violin tailpiece plus Vibramute, special pickguard/armrest, humbuckers, custom made for Marty Stuart. Auction October 2016: Marty Stuart Mosrite JM65 Single Neck Electric Guitar, 1990
1990V0170Vibramuterosewood with bindingmetallic red2 black polepieces„Custom Tone Chamber Ventures“
1990no s/n (?)Moseley hardtailrosewood, no bindingmetallic red2 black humbuckers without polepiecesMosrite of Canada logo at headstock, prototype, Reverb January 2019: Mosrite of Canada Mark I Prototype 1990 cranberry red, pots 1379001, Moseley hardtail, Grover tuners, shape/pickguard similar to V88, price: $3.799.
1991MOT-1Semie Moseley Vibramuterosewood with binding and M C inlaymetallic blue/purple, flame pinestriping2 black humbuckers with polepiecesMade for Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars. Dana Moseley: „My Dad delivered it personally. In the truss rod cavity there should be a strip of cloth that Dad had his church pray over because he was concerned about giving this guitar to, (what he thought was), a Satanic group. My father was a very religious man. The story goes that 2 wks later was when MC broke up.“.
For sale March 2017 here: Mosrite MC, price: 2,900 USD.
In January 2021 for sale on Reverb: Mosrite [Vibramute Model] specially built for Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe by Semie Mosely 1991 Metallic blue/purple with flame pinstriping, price: 12,500 USD.
1991P4000custom tremolobrasilian rosewood with bindingnatural2 black humbuckers polepieces40th Anniversary Prototype, brasilian rosewood/curly maple body
1992 (?)?Moseleyrosewood with bindingred2 black polepiecesGary Paxton’s cartoonish Mosrite, some pix here at the mosriteforum.

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