Hang ten

1984 Mosrite VIII black

The M88 “Jive Bomber” Partsrite had been built from left over parts from 1984–90, and its greatest asset was the multibinding Mark VIII 1984 neck. When I got the chance to get a beaten up and abused Mark VIII body, the decision to part out the “Jive Bomber” to resurrect a Mark VIII was easy.

After filling many holes and routings and an endless curing time for some layers of black nitro lacquer I had one of the best Mosrites I’ve ever played, very lightweight, perfectly balanced, with great pickups (neck and bridge: 1990, middle: 1971), the genius three microswitch pickup- and tone control (in-/outta-phase) and a wide and flat neck with one of the prettiest bindings ever made. If you ever find one of the around 150 1984 Mark VIIIs built, buy it!

Meanwhile I got three original Mark VIII pickups from parted out NC130S, its weird roller bridge (asymmetrical or misdrilled?) and its original wiring including switches and pot. To my surprise the pickups have a coil split and the micro switches are just changing between 100% – 0% – 50%. My old switching with three regular pickups and switching between “in phase – off – out of phase” was more fun ;)

Pictures soon… Any questions? Contact me: max@hang10.de