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1993 Mosrite Equalizer

Semie Moseley died August 7, 1992, only five months after Mosrite’s moved to Booneville, Arkansas.

That did not mean the end of Mosrite, or of Unified Sound Association, Inc., as the company was called in its Booneville era: Life went on and even brought some new models. One of the rarest might be the Equalizer model (aka Moseley Equalizer aka the V-1 series), an entry level guitar with Moseley hardtail, no German Carve and an unbound fretboard, similar to the 1990 Ramones model and the 1990 Gospel Victory III.

Mine is ME002 and its certificate dates to July 15, 1993. Unfortunately its hardtail and bridge were replaced with a (Gotoh made) early 90s Kurokumo Vibramute copy vibrato and bridge in Japan. Fortunateley the guitar’s final assembly (by worker Virginia Johnson) was documented on video in late April 1993 (starting here in video 2 at 10:12 minutes) and it was used for a promo flyer ;)

The body has the same shape as the slab bodied 1990 models but with Stratocaster-like bevelings on front and back. The pickguard has the same shape as the 1988 V-model’s, the pickups have a dc resistance of 12.35kΩ. Build quality, finish, playability and sound are just fantastic, and although it was build after Semie was gone I have to admit this is my favorite Mosrite.

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Mosrite Equalizer Booneville AR USA Unified Sound Aassociations 1993