Hang ten

1965 Mosrite

Ventures II

Slab white

For some things it seems you have to wait forever. I’d been looking for an original 1965 slab body Mosrite Ventures II since 1992 when I read in the Mondo Bizarro booklet that “Johnny Ramone uses: Mosrite guitars” – none of my favorite German guitar stores knew about that brand, and it was before the internet…

After I missed some chances and missed some years, one appeared in Bath, UK, under the bed of a 50 years old deceased Ramones and horror movie fan who lived with his mother (that’s what I’ve been told). A white generation one, nearly complete, perhaps made the same day as Johnny’s white, worn beauty – what else does a Ramones fan scream for? She became mine and turned out to be a perfect, fantastic player. Cheap, crappy, bad guitar? No way! If someone tells you that – he never touched one or has a bad one.

I fear I’ll never find out how and when she came to Europe. If you have any info, please tell me; the serial number is B021. Thanks a lot to David K. for finding her for me.

Any questions? Contact me: max@hang10.de