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Mosrite Ventures II Slab Pickup replicas

Made to the exact specs of the original Mosrite Ventures II Slab pickup Johnny Ramone used to invent punk rock in 1974!

Get the exact look and sound of Johnny Ramone's early pickups!

The pvc cover is deep drawn with a punch made directly from the inside of an original Slab pickup’s cover.

Inside is the same construction as the original, some thousand windings of wire, two alnico magnets, a little piece of maple and some sticky tape (no bobbin), closed with some foam and epoxy, no potting at all ;)

The original pickups from the first batch had a dc resistance of ≈12.2 kΩ, but you can also order it with the resistance of the second batch (≈6.7 kΩ) or whatever you want. Of course you can have wax potting, too, if you prefer it a little more straight. No extra charge for those custom wishes. Completely handmade in Munich/Bavaria on my old lathe.

As each pickup is made by order, the delivery time is 1–2 weeks.

Price: € 179.–/ea., € 339.–/pair (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)

Mosrite Ventures II B002 with a pair of my replica pickups, original pickguard, pots and wiring.

Phil playing his B002 through a 1972 Electro Harmonix Mike Matthews Freedom amp, 1×10″ solid state – Judy Is A Punk (Ramones). Visit Phil at www.philthy-guitars.de.

Mosrite Ventures II B135 with a pair of my replica pickups.