Hang ten

1965 Mosrite Ventures II Sunburst

I found my first solid body Mosrite around 2000 on eBay (which wasn’t as easy as it is today), the 1965 neck (B338) first, the fantastic naturally reliced 1966 body some time later. It went trough many changes over the next 20 years, an original part here, a replacement part there, a pair of Ed Elliott pickups, Artie’s autograph on the pickguard in 2003… Max knows Punk ;)

Meanwhile it’s converted to a replica of Johnny Ramone’s short time (the 2nd theft!) backup B690 with one DiMarzio FS-1, a full size pickguard, some Grover Rotomatics and a Gibson tailpiece… (pictures of that setup soon).

Any questions? Contact me: max@hang10.de

Arturo Vega Ramones Max Mosrite Ventures II