Hang ten

1984/88/2003 Mosrite "P-40 Jive Bomber"

Partsrite made by Curtis & Lizzy Muldoon in 2003. Here’s what the original owner, guitar player for the “The Surfalicious Dudes”, says: “One BADA$ frankenstein mosrite. In 2003 I drove to Windsor and stayed in their home to pick out the parts. I hand selected every part on it from a stock pile of mosrite parts from the 80’s. (…) He had boxes of parts from pups to necks knobs and trems. I hand picked every part and had Curtis Muldoon assemble it, and his wife painted it for me. The body was fully made with all cuts and routs but unfinished. The neck was also finished and fretted but unscreened. I hooked up each pup to get the output I wanted. Really hot! Upwards of 14! (…) I was always gonna move and realign the trem as it’s not perfect for the neck and the high e was too close to the edge at the neck pocket. I chose the m3 neck because it had brass dots and since I was going for the WWII P40 look. Oh and the neck plate and trem were actually for a “Semie Mosley” model (…).” 1984 Mark VIII (American) neck (originally Ink Blue) 1988 M88 body (originally Sunburst) 1988-92 Nokie/Semie Moseley model hardware Hear it here, played by its original owner: The Surfalicious Dudes – Camel Toe After many adjustments it’s a perfect player now. An M88 with a real thin neck… ;) Pictures coming soon! Any questions? Contact me: max@hang10.de