Mosrite Ventures II serial numbers

The Ventures II model / Mark V


Data base — a collection of serial numbers and years

Here’s a collection of serial numbers of Mosrite’s cheapest electric guitar. The guitar Johnny Ramone has used as his main guitar his entire Ramones career from 1974 to 1996. Originally designed as a student model, a few months later changed to a more elaborate model with German carve, Moseley vibrato, bigger pickups.

The Ventures logo has not been used by Mosrite anymore after the distribution deal with the Ventures has ended. Some sources say that’s happened in 1967, some say late 1968.

The last Ventures record promoting Mosrite guitars is Super Psychedelics, released June 3, 1967. The next record, $1,000,000 Weekend, released December 23, 1967, is not promoting Mosrite anymore but Award Amplifiers. So the deal may have ended in middle to late 1967.

Del Halterman tells on page 162 of „Walk-Don’t Run – The Story of the Ventures“: „While Flights of Fantasy climbed to 169 in Billboard, The Ventures‘ five-year contract with Mosrite expired.“ Flights of Fantasy was released on May 25, 1968. Mathematical, a 1963 5-year contract should last until 1968. On „The Horse“ (released: August 24, 1968) the band poses with Mosrite guitars on the cover.

I guess the deal has ended in late 1968, so that may be the date when the Ventures logo disappeared from the headstocks.

Unfortunately, he neck heel and pocket stamps have only been used from July 1965 to October 1966, perhaps November. Early Slab Ventures II do not have a date stamp.

The „—“ in the table means that I don’t have the data, not that there is not such data.

Please note: All information here is the autor’s belief. The estimated numbers of made exemplars are a rough guess. All information is without engagement, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

If you have more information about serial number and model and year or have pictures of your Mosrite that you’d allow me to publish here, please tell me at


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Mosrite Ventures II variations

model approx. made from to lowest known s/n highest known s/n
Ventures II model—slab body 150 May 1965 Aug 1965 B002 B149
Ventures II model—"transition"—made from parts ? ? ? no s/n no s/n
Ventures II model—transition 120 Aug 1965 Dec 1965 B154 B258
Ventures II model—production 430 Dec 1965 Feb 1966 B263 B687
Ventures Mark V—truss nut body side 210 Feb 1966 Apr 1966 B480 B1177
Ventures Mark V—truss nut head side 600 Apr 1966 late 1968 B924 B1506 (?)
no Ventures logo 150 late 1968 early 1969 B1544 B1687
Gospel 15 early 1969 1969 (?) B1689 B1700

That means that the following numbers have been produced:
Ventures II SLAB body: approx. 150 pcs.
Ventures II/Mark V/Gospel GERMAN CARVE body: approx. 1550 pcs
The German Carve guitars are more or less the same, only small changes over the years regarding finish (nitro or poly), routing of the electrics cavity, number of pickguard screws, position of the trussrod nut, backplate or inserts, etc.

Missing and/or interesting serial numbers

from to variation date
B001 B149 all slab body models May–Aug 1965
B150 B153 slab body or transition model Aug 1965
B254 B262 transition or normal production model Aug–Dec 1965
B481/B688 B693 II model or Mark V; B480 is a Mark V (outlier?), B687 is a II model Feb–Mar 1966
B892 B942 trussrod screw body end or headstock; B1177 has it at the body end (outlier?) Mar–Apr 1966
B1490 B1543 Mark V or no logo mid/late 1968
B1679 B1694 no logo or Gospel early 1969
B1698 ? every Gospel early 1969

Ventures II — slab body

approx made: 150
May–August 1965

There seem to be like two different runs; differences in generation 2:

  • slight modification to body’s neck joint (thicker and shorter)
  • neck-thickness at body joint, joint became shorter, too
  • fretboard became way thicker (maple thinner)
  • slightly differently shaped upper horn

and normally:

  • vibrato unit’s top part changed from flat to arched (rolled edge)
  • ½ round string guide changed to ¼ round

According to a Japanese website Don Wilson has played a slab Ventures II in summer 1965 at Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall as backup and again in 1967. Nokie Edwards has had a slab Ventures II as backup, too (perhaps prototype #1). These two white guitars are often called prototypes – difference to the regular run of slab bodied Ventures IIs is the binding on the fretboard and a little longer headstock.
The very first production models have a thicker neck heel while the body is exactly the same as that of the regular generation 1 models. B002, B006, Johnny Ramone’s blue and Sunburst, and I think B017 have that thick neck heel, I can’t tell for the guitars in between. My B021 has the regular generation 1 neck heel.

Mosrite Ventures II slab body

s/n color neck-date body-date note
no s/n (guessed) white generation 0; vibrato changed to Moseley-Vibrato, owned by Eiji Shima (Yuzo Kayama, The Wild Ones), picture here: Mosrite Ventures Model Owners List, heavily covered in autographs. It seems to have the same features as the "1964 Mosrite The Ventures II Prototype", longer headstock and neck binding, perhaps it'd belonged to the Ventures, too. Good pictures can be found in the Japanese book "Guitar Graphic Vol. 2" that features an article about Eiji Shima's collection, here's a sample, finally: Vintage Guitar Books Rittor Music: Guitar Graphic Vol 2, Fender Strat 40th Anniversary 0ct 1996 RARE.
no s/n
#2 sticker on pickguard's back
white no date no date generation 0; Adam Tober/Expat Guitars has found another one with neck binding, posted this on Facebook and was kind enough to email me. Adam believes this is "one of the two slab-bodied Ventures II prototypes the Ventures used on their 1965 tour of Japan." More info soon, I'm quite sure... Thanks to Adam! Here's Adam's photobucket album for this guitar: 1964 Mosrite The Ventures II Prototype. Great pix, as expected ;) older info and picture of it being played as backup by Don Wilson.
B002 red (ref. red) no date no date generation 1 with a '63 mute bridge (without the mute mechanism, not even the screw hole for that), info here at 1965 Mosrite Ventures ii slab body # B002. Potentiometers: Centralab 1346520 (20th week (May) 1965). Meanwhile in Germany, refinished by me, ;) – have fun, Phil!
B006 unknown no date generation 1, neck only, sold on eBay March 2005
B007 white generation 1, originally bought at Larry Morgan Music in Garland/TX (original price: 240 USD), it was sent back to Mosrite in 65/66 because of a crack at the Body's neck heel — retured was a German Carve Ventures II, B510/3003, very intersting story here: Ventures II.
B010 blue no pictures, just mentioned in Arthur's Music Store's ad for B017: Mosrite The Ventures II 1965 White in January 2016. Arthur's recieved the guitar from Mosrite July 7th, 1965...
B011 white generation 1, story here: Ventures II, price was 3200 USD in October 2012.
B012 red no pictures, just mentioned in Arthur's Music Store's ad for B017: Mosrite The Ventures II 1965 White in January 2016. Arthur's recieved the guitar from Mosrite July 7th, 1965...
B017 white over red (factory) no date no date generation 1, the shop recieved it July 7 1965, so made in June at the latest? Pix and thread here: Ladies and Gentle men of the Mosrite forum... More pictures here: 1965 Mosrite Ventures 2 model | Photobucket.
Sold by Arthur's Music Store at in January 2016: Mosrite The Ventures II 1965 White for 7500 USD. Great info there: "The body was originally finished Red and repainted White at the Mosrite factory to fill our order of a Ventures II in White. Around the interior edges, under the pickguard, in the neck pocket, under the bridge, you can still see some of the Red peeking through the factory White finish. (...) Studying the finish up close, you can see where the finish was very hurried. It is thick in some places, and buffed shiny in some spots on the shoulders while an eggshell finish everywhere else."
Sold again February 2017: 1965 Mosrite Ventures II for 10,500 USD (10,152 EUR then), now (October '17) for 12,500 USD: 1965 Mosrite Ventures II Slab Body.
B018 blue no date no date generation 1, bridge pu changed, owned by S.J., pix here: The Rorkus JinX.
B019 blue generation 1, mentioned here: Mosrite II pickup question, rewound bridge pickup
B021 white no date no date generation 1, potentiometers: Centralab 1346520 (20th week (May) 1965). Has been found in Bath/UK and now is mine – pictures can be found here: Mosrite Ventures II 1965 Slab white.
B037 red generation 1, water-damaged, sold Feb 2009 (ebay), once owned by M.M., pix here: Michael Marks' Mosrite Web Site.
B040 red no date no date generation 1, potentiometers: Centralab 1346520 (20th week 1965)
B041 blue generation 1, owned by T.B.
B043 red generation 1; I've found some pictures of it in the www in January 2003, now it re-appeared and is where it belongs: at Z.N. in Budapest ;)
B047 red generation 1; once owned by T.B., rewound bridge pickup.
For sale at Tym Guitars in March 2017: Mosrite The Ventures II model 1965, price: 8250 AUD. Now (October 2017) available at Reverb: 1965 Mosrite Ventures Mark II Slab Body / Johnny Ramone for 8995 USD. As of November 2017 it's being sold on eBay: 1965 Mosrite Ventures Mark II Slab Body Guitar, The Ramones, Johnny, Vintage for BIN 9,955.– USD.
B048 red no date no date generation 1, once owned by D.C., story at — meanwhile sold. Thanks to B.D. for the info.
B051 blue generation 1, owned by R.C., for sale on eBay Jan 2013: VERY Rare 1965 Mosrite Ventures Model II Guitar Johnny Ramone Vintage, starting at 6000 USD, BIN 9000. Sold to mosriteforum member Eddie Ramone, pics can be found here: Eddie Ramone's slab Ventures II B051.
B07x red generation 2, eBay Nov 2014 for a BIN of 1500 USD (!): Mosrite Ventures 2, 6 String. I think I can read something like B077 ... And I know that this is not the first underpriced eBay-BIN slab I've missed ;)
B080 red Jul 31 1965 019 Jul 30 1965 005 generation 2, Adam Tober found another one in Japan, info and pictures on his website Expat Guitars - お店について. More photos here: 1965 Mosrite The Ventures II B080 Slideshow by expatguitars | Photobucket. Sold on eBay August 2013 for USD 6500.
B000xx white Jul x1 1965 002 xx xxx 1965 001 generation 2 with flat tremolo top and roller bridge, ad here at in March 2016. I just can't read the serial number, but it looks like B000xx (?). A little hacked inside and the pickguard is 3 ply, so maybe not original. Pot dates: 6533 (mid/late August 1965), stamps are hard/impossible to read.
B09x white generation 2 with flat tremolo-top, owned by T.O., found here: ベンチャーズ倶楽部(会員自慢の楽器/オールド・モズライト編. This guitar may be B097.
B097 Pearl White Aug 2 1965 042 Jul 30 1965 015 generation 2 with flat tremolo-top and roller bridge (maybe the guitar above). It first appeared in some pix of Fillmore's collection on their website in the early 2000s, then in a calendar, eBay November 2013: Vintage Mosrite Set of 12 Glossy Pictures 1963-1965 The Ventures II 8x11 RARE. As of April 2015 it's for sale at Hyper Guitars, some pictures still at their blog. In August 2015 sold to Z.N. – as of October 2017 I'm proud to own it ;)
B102 red generation 2, for sale on eBay Dec 2012, Jan 2013: Ultra Rare 1965 Mosrite Ventures Model II Guitar Johnny Ramone Vintage, starting at USD 7800, then 7200, then 4500. Crack at body's neck heel. Finally sold for 4500 USD. Seems to be for sale again, November 2016: Mosrite ジョニー・ラモーン初期モデル マークⅡ アームユニット式 100%オリジナル
B003 (?) red Jul 1965 Jul 1965 Grover tuners, changed tailpiece to fixed 1988 Moseley, owned by R.E., pic here: Mosrite Ventures Model Owners List. Serial number and date stamps according to owner — to me on the only available picture it looks more like having a fat fretboard (generation 2).
B106 Sunburst Aug 2 1965 049 Jul 31 1965 003 generation 2 with flat tremolo-top, for sale on Heritage Auctions July 16th 2011, (USD 4481,25 w/o fees), auction archive, for sale again eBay November 2011, starting at USD 3600, sold for USD 5350 (3972 EUR then). Pictures can be found here.
B113 red generation 2, vibrato top missing, potentiometers: Centralab 1346529 (29th week 1965 = July)
B120 brown (ref.?), ref. gold Johnny Ramone's, generation 2, FS-1 (?) at bridge, original PU at neck, rare brown color (or refinished?) until 1989, later refinished gold for the Acid Eaters tour 1993—backup guitar 1984–1994, used in the videos for "Pet Sematary", "I Believe in Miracles" and "Substitute " (refinished gold)—here's some more info. Thanks to P.W. and F.H. for that info!
B121 (?) red generation 2 but ½ round string guide. Here's what the owner told me about its serial number: "The serail number on the red one appears to be B 21. It could also be B2 but there appears to be a 1 to the right. not real pronounced but it could be." Now that the white B021 has appeared it seems this guitar's serial number may rather be B121 – the bodyshape and fretboard do actually look more like that of a later (about B080 upwards) example. Refined body and headstock, vibrato top piece re-attached, owned by D.G., pix here: the collection | Facebook.
B124 Sunburst Aug 2 1965 024 Jul 29 1965 002 generation 2, 2 tuners changed (D, G), for sale Jul 2011 6000usd. Photos can be found here: Mosrite Venture 11. As of March 2015, located in the UK, it's for sale at Mosrite Ventures Mk 11 Slab (Ramones) 1965 – listing has ended, guitar is sold to Budapest (thanks for the info, Zoli).
B125 Sunburst Jul 31 1965 051 sprayed over generation 2, played by Steve Spenard, guitarists of GG Allin & The Jabbers, video here: GG Allin & The Jabbers (lip sync, 1982). Steve owned it since the early 80s — vibrato top missing, vibrato plate converted to a fixed tailpiece by previous owner. Here's the story and some pics: Here is Mosrite Mark II slab body serial # B125. Thanks to Steve and Z.N. for showing me!
B126 Sunburst Jul 31 1965 05x no date generation 2 with generation 1 body, trussrod cover at pickguard (factory made by Mosrite? According to original owner the plate has already been there when he bought it new in 1965). For sale at eBay Jan 2013 1965 MOSRITE VENTURES MARK MK II JOHNNY RAMONE MODEL VINTAGE ELECTRIC GUITAR for 8999 USD or best offer. Finally sold for 7100 USD. Here are some more pictures. Now owned by K.R. Potentiometers: Centralab 1346527 (27th week 1965 = June/July)
B135 blue Aug 2 1965 028 Aug 2 1965 015 generation 2, thanks to DD for the info!
It's on Reverb in January 2020: Vintage Mosrite Ventures ii Slab Body 1965 Blue EXTREMELY RARE Johnny Ramone HSC !!!, price 4999 USD! I was allowed to do repro pickguard and pickups for it as it got a humbucker conversation years ago...
B137 blue generation 2
B138 blue Jul 31 1965 058 Aug 2 1965 016 plus Aug 1 1965 generation 2 – thanks to Z.N. for the dates!
B149 blue, ref. Tabaccoburst Aug 1965 Aug 1965 generation 2 – eBay September 2018: Mosrite Ventures model II, 1965 with original case. Serial # B146, starting at 3000 USD (BIN was 4000 USD). Dates according to seller who bought this guitar in 1969 at a pawn shop and refinished it about 20 years ago. Seller confirmed it's B149, thanks a lot to S.H. Sold for 5100 USD.

Mosrite Ventures II slab body – unknown serial number

s/n color neck-date body-date note
blue Johnny Ramone's, generation 1, bought January 23/24 1974 at Manny's for USD 69.55. Original in 1974 except for bridge (Gibson/Schaller harmonica bridge – maybe this is a very early Ventures II that had '63 mutebridge like B002), later changed to fixed Gibson tailpiece through orig. chrome plate—stolen Oct. 22, 1977 (Chicago).
Sunburst Johnny Ramone's, generation 1, fixed tailpiece with chrome plate, black P90-style PU in bridge-position, black plastic knobs—early backup guitar that appeared around late 1975—I guess it was stolen with the blue Ventures II.
worn off/lost in refret white Johnny Ramone's, generation 1, refinished back in 1977 (white over original white?), many changes over the years, never seen with original vibrato, always Gibson-style tailpiece, original holes closed, refretted (Jumbos), DiMarzio FS-1 1980, Seymour Duncan mini humbucker 1983. It appeared right after the blue Ventures II was stolen, but probably Johnny has owned them parallelly for some time (I've never seen pictures that show both, perhaps Johnny's kept the white in storage in case of need). I guess & fear the serial number got lost in the refret, prior to late 1977 before Johnny got it...
black, neck black Johnny Ramone's, one pickup (single coil, FS-1?), Grover Rotomatic tuners, no Mosrite or Ventures logo at headstock, smaller pickguard—probably no real Ventures II but something custom made (similar shape, but very thin at large beveled area, slightly different shape, less offset). Backup guitar from early 1978–1982 or 83—perhaps it was stolen in the second Ramones equipment burglary at April 24th, 1983 (after concert at Reseda Country Club).
no s/n Sunburst, neck Sunburst generation 1; thread here: Artie's new acquisition.
red generation 1; refretted, Moseley vibrato, owned by R.W.A., pix can be found in this video: R. W. Armstrong - Train Bound For Nowhere.
white generation 1; near mint condition, yellowed, roller bridge, pickguard has only 9 (insted of 10) screws; some pictures here at the mosrite forum: Semie made Ramones Mosrite
white generation 1 with roller bridge, here it's called number 0001 and Nokie Edwards' backup guitar, but that may just stand as an example. I think I can see a slightly different shaped three ply pickguard (blk/wht/blk). The info in the link says it's number one, but I'm not sure about the serial number. Analogue to Don Wilson's slab Nokie Edward's Ventures II may not have a serial number and may be the Eiji Shima Slab (see table above).
worn off blue Aug 1965 Aug 1965 generation 2, vibrato missing, owned by I.H., pictures here: Captain Crunch Tour Photos.
red generation 2, owned by M.M., pix here: Michael Marks' Mosrite Web Site.
white generation 2; seems to be in Japan and is played here: 気ままな親父のベンチャーズ・バンド イースト・ベンチャーズ結成ご披露ライブ&8月2回目のパルス(春日市)ライブ. This guitar may be B097.

Ventures II — German carve

„transition“ — rounded neck heel and folded sheet vibrato

no s/n
approx made: ?

These guitars are sometimes called „transitions“ because they have attributes from the early slab body models (vibrato, neck) and from the later German carve models (body, pickups, pickguard, knobs). They have no serial number.

My guess: made from factory left overs that were on auction in 1969; some parts sold by Andy Moseley years after.

Mosrite Ventures II "transition" + left over necks

s/n color neck-date body-date note
V11 0016 red sold by Andy Moseley on eBay in February 2008; s/n according to Andy's auction, I guess it has no number
no s/n white vibrato var. 2, Japanese tuners, Bigsby arm, signed by Johnny Ramone (head back)
no s/n Sunburst vibrato var. 2, roller-bridge
no s/n white vibrato var. 2, metal Kluson tuners, owned by M.M., ebay Jan 2012, BIN 7000 usd
no s/n white vibrato var. 2, Japanese tuners, eBay Feb 2012, start 5000 usd, BIN 6000 usd
no s/n no body Aug 20 1965 001 no body neck only (left over), sold by Andy Moseley on eBay in June 2004, NOS with slight water damage
no s/n no body Aug 20 1965 010 no body neck only (left over), sold on eBay February 2012 by Artie of Front Porch Musik, Bakersfield, NOS but heavy finish damage, some wood missing
no s/n no body Aug 20 1965 011 no body neck only (left over), sold by Andy Moseley on eBay in June 2004, NOS with slight water damage
no s/n no body Aug 20 1965 013 no body neck only (left over), very good condition
no s/n black Oct 1 1965 039 vibrato var. 2, metal Kluson tuners, owned by B.S.; signed by Andy Moseley at headstock's back. Sold in parts in October 2012. June 2013 update: mosriteforum member motiersbad bought some parts (neck, body, pickguard, vibrato) from previous owner and made a slab out of it (custom made body and pickguard – I had the honor to do the job, thanks, Phil!): My Mosrite/Partsrite ventures II model - slab body
no s/n red November 1965 November 1965 vibrato var. 2, Japanese tuners, pots CTS September 1970, at October 2012, price: 2500 usd
All dates according to frettedamericana.

Ventures II — German carve

transition — narrow head, cut at heel, enlarged pickguard

approx made: 100
August–December 1965

  • German carve body
  • Moseley vibrato
  • Mosrite of California pickups without pole pieces
  • „hat type“ volume and tone knobs
  • pickguard all the way under neck-pickup

Enlarged pickguard to close the gap from the pu-routing (pu is put a little bit more in direction neck because of the neck’s cut end); reason may be: New body-design with german carve was ready for production with a newly shaped neck’s ending, but there were around 100 Ventures II necks left over that were used BEFORE the newly designed necks were used…

Mosrite Ventures II—transition

s/n color neck-date body-date note
B154 Candy Apple Red Oct 1 1965 006 no number or painted over wrong vibrato arm, refretted, metal kluson tuners, potentiometers: Centralab 1346533 (33rd week (August) 1965)
Bxxx blue Nov 2 1965 Nov 3 1965 0043 Jauce January 2019: Mosrite Ventures Mark II 1965年製 モズライト ベンチャーズ 送料無料; ad says the serial number would be B532, but I guess it's misread, should be something like B1xx, perhaps it is B153...? Reverb ad here: Mosrite Ventures Mark II 1965 blue, price: 1401USD/1241EUR.
B160 blue Nov 5 1965 0001 Dec 6 1965 0002 eBay October 2014: Mosrite Vintage The Ventures II Model Blue Guitar All Original USA Made – thanks to Olivier from Belgium. More pix here: Het zoekertje met de titel '1965 Mosrite The Ventures II Model - Vintage Made in USA' is helaas verwijderd. Potentiometers: Centralab 1346605 (5th week 1966). On eBay May 2015: Rare Vintage 1966 Mosrite of California The Ventures II Model - Made in USA starting at 2200 EUR.
B167 Sunburst eBay November 2016: 1965 Mosrite Ventures Model II Electric Guitar w/ HSC – BIN 4499 USD or best offer.
B174 ref. white Aug 26 1965 Aug 26 1965 date stamps as told by the owner; I doubt the body date is right. Body heavily sanded/reshaped to look more like Johnny's white, according PG. Picture here at the mosriteforum: on page 5 mentioned again on the top of page 6.
B176 red
B186 Sunburst Thanks to M.K. for showing me his Mosrite!
B188 Sunburst Aug 1965 Sep 1965 Dates according to owner. Pictures at facebook: B188.
B194 blue Thanks to D.C. for showing me his Mosrite!
B20x white Pictures here at
B202 Sunburst custom PG, bridge PU only (originals still existing)
B222 metallic brown very rare color – owner bought it in 1982 at a flea market. Vibrato missing, now stripped to bare wood.
B232 white eBay December 2016: Original Mosrite Ventures Electric Guitar 1966 B232 – BIN 2800 USD or best offer.
B233 white
B237 blue eBay March 2011
B247 red No pictures, only a post in this thread.
B250 red
B253 red
B258 red found in my old notes – sold or for sale in 1999 für USD 1650.
B2xx red Oct 1 1965 0xx Nov 23 1965 0xxx Yahoo ad here: 非常にレアMosrite ventures ll model 1965年製 USA製 JACARANDA 指板, 465,480円 (exact numbers in ad blacked -> xx)
? metallic brown rare color, played by Japanese guitarist Char, found here: チャー、ベンチャーズを弾く - 大宮ベンチャーズ - Yahoo!ブログ. Some videos on youtube, for example here: 永遠のロックギタリストChar -B面- 8/11 and here: Two Thousand Pound Bee Part II - The Ventures by Char.

Ventures II—German carve

wider head, uncut neck

approx made: 400
December 1965–February 1966
As before, but:

  • pickguard half the way under neck-pickup
  • wider headstock
  • neck heel uncut, longer than on slab body models

The final Ventures II design: neck matches body, head wider than first Ventures II design, normal Ventures‘ attribures: vibrato, ¼ round string guide, 3 piece neck…

Mosrite Ventures II German carve

s/n color neck-date body-date note
B263 red normal pickguard, uncut neck, wide headstock; pictures here: Mosrite Ventures II #B263, and here: Mosrite | GuitarCollectionVirtual.
B276 white normal pickguard, uncut neck but neckplate with short screw alignment, wide headstock; great pictures here at facebook – eBay July 2014: MOSRITE VENTURES II. 1966. ALL ORIGINAL. RARE WHITE. ONLY 400 BUILT COLLECTIBLE, starting at 3495 USD, and here at Mosrite VENTURES II 1966 White. EXCELLENT CONDITION. ONLY 400 BUILT. Joey Ramone. COLLECTIBLE.
For sale on eBay in September 2019: great pictures here at facebook, price 3000 USD bin.
B278 white normal pickguard, uncut neck, wide headstock; on eBay May 2013, starting at 2000 USD. On eBay again March 2014: MOSRITE VENTURES II MODEL GUITAR with original case sold for the starting bid of USD 2000.
B292 white, refinished light blue Dec 19 1965 extended pickguard, cut neck, BUT wide headstock
B296 white extended pickguard, cut neck, BUT wide headstock, potentiometers: Centralab 1346533 – eBay July 2014: original 1966 MOSRITE "The Ventures" II model V-2 WHITE!!!, starting at 2390 USD.
B297 Maroon or Candy Apple Red (ref?) Dec 17 1965 0023 Dec 7 1965 extended pickguard, cut neck, BUT wide headstock, potentiometers: Centralab 1346534 – December 2014: 1965 Mosrite Ventures II, price: 1750 USD. Appeared in facebook in February 2015. March 2015: Reverb ad with great pictures here: Mosrite Ventures II - 12/1965 - 1/400 - Factory Custom Color? Refinish? - Priced to Sell - MUST GO.
B304 red Oct 1965 (according to my notes)
B307 stripped extended pickguard, cut neck, BUT wide headstock, Ventures logo removed – Reverb March 2020: Mosrite Ventures II - 1965 - Wood Color - with Original Case, price: 3000 USD/2818 EUR.
B317 blue eBay January 2019: 1965 Mosrite Ventures II Mark V Pacific Blue Electric Guitar, BIN 1950 USD
B321 Ink Blue 1965 1965 extended pickguard, cut neck, BUT wide headstock, refinished in original colors, pictures here at Southbound Custom; thanks to G.B.
B323 blue thanks to Marshall Aver
B324 red Dec 22 1965 0014 Dec 8 1965 0008 extended pickguard, cut neck, BUT wide headstock – eBay July 2014: MOSRITE VENTURES II GUITAR. ALL ORIGINAL. 1965. BEAUTIFUL RED., starting at 3495 USD.
no s/n blue Dec 20 1965 0001 Dec 9 1965 0006 No serial number (lost in refret job?), painted neck (brown with grain), reshaped volute - pictures and story here: Mosrite newbie presents: blue '65 Ventures II (non-slab).
B330 red, ref. Surf Green Dec 21 1965 0006 Dec 8 1965 0047 eBay August 2014: MOSRITE GUITAR, starting at 2000 USD.
eBay September 2018: RARE MOSRITE VENTURES 2 1960's GUITAR nirvana ramones, price 1700 USD.
B334 ref. body and neck Dec ? 1965 0031 Dec ? 1965 0055
B338 red, ref. black Dec 22 1965 0026 Dec 8 1965 0041 replacement body, Sunburst, dated Mar 2 1966. Modified to replicate Johnny Ramone's "Time Has Come Today" guitar meanwhile... ;)
B349 red Dec 23 1965 eBay July 2011
B375 blue extended PG, short–medium neck heel
B376 blue extended PG, short–medium neck heel. Thanks to J.H.
B388 Sunburst Jan 11 1966 0014 Dec 31 1965 001x Originally bought in 1966 at "Medley Music" in Ardmore, PA - for sale from original owner on eBay May 2013, 3995 USD BIN - has not been sold.
B397 Sunburst
B399 red
lost in refret red Jan 11 1966 001x Dec 31 1965 0017 4-piece neck, 3-ply pickguard, eBay January 2019: 1965 - 1966 Mosrite Moseley Ventures II Vintage USA Red, bin USD 2195.
B411 red Jan 11 1966 0024 4-piece neck, 3-ply pickguard, eBay Jan 2013
? Sunburst, refinshed dark red Jan 11 1966 0029 Dec 31 1965 0023 4-piece neck, 1-ply pickguard, eBay May 2015: 1965-MOSRITE-VENTURES-II-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-Serial-0028.
B419 white Jan 14 1966 0005 Dec 7 1965 0024 3-piece neck, pencilled "Dee" in neck pocket, Reverb June 2018: Video Demo 1966 Original Mosrite Ventures II White Pro Setup Original Hard Shell Case Strap, price: 6000 USD.
B427 red Jan 1966 Jan 1966 3-piece neck, NOS near mint condition with the original strings, it also still has the packing paper, original case and contents including supple leather strap, cord, and everything. Pots date 1965. EBay April 2012, BIN 2695 USD.
B431 blue 4-piece neck
B434 red 4-piece neck
B440 medium blue Jan 17 1966 0010 Jan 10 1966 0026 4-piece neck – again, great pictures in the owner's facebook album: 1966 MOSRITE VENTURES II
B454 white Tortoise shell pick guard, thanks a lot to JG for his contribution and the picture.
B468 white Jan 17 1966 0008 Jan 10 1966 0038 Story and pictures here at the mosriteforum: Just got my hands on a '66 Ventures II.
? natural (ex-white?) Jan 19 1966 0005 Jan 3 1966 0028
? blue Jan 17 1966 0018 Jan 10 1966 0007
B477 Sunburst
B486 Sunburst Thanks to Kim and Marcus for their contribution.
B489 red
eBay October 2019: Mosrite 1966 The Ventures Mark II Used, BIN 3430 USD
B500 white Jan 19 1966 0004 no date near mint, 4-piece neck, 3-ply pickguard, eBay Jun 2013, BIN 3.295 USD (EUR 2.529 then)—later sold in parts
B502 red auction April 2012, auction archive. Listed in eBay May 2014: 1966 MOSRITE VENTURES II MODEL GUITAR with original case, starting at 1,999 USD, BIN is 2,600 USD.
B510 stripped, ex-white? Additional s/n 3003; replacement sent by Mosrite for cracked B007, story here: Ventures II. Bridge pickup replaced with a Mark I PU in late 70s/early 80s.
B518 Sunburst 4-piece neck
B529 red Jan 21 1966 Jan 5 1966
B538 red 4-piece neck
B539 red
B542 blue eBay October 2019: Mosrite 1966 The Ventures Mark II Used, BIN 3430 USD
B546 blue Johnny Ramone owned this guitar: Mosrite Ventures II German Carve, 1966, blue
B559 white eBay Germany December 2014: -Rarität- Original Mosrite Ventures II von 1966 -Rarität-
B590 Sunburst Feb 1 1966 0036 Feb 9 1966 0012 eBay June 2015: RARE 1965 MOSRITE VENTURES MK ll MODEL - ALL ORIGINAL - Excellent Condition, BIN 2499GBP (3934USD then)
Reverb November 2016: Mosrite Ventures II 1966 Sunburst All-original w/Case, price: 2850 EUR from France.
B55x or B65x (?) Sunburst Feb 3 1966 0023 Feb 10 1966 0005 eBay, November 2017: 1966 Mosrite Ventures Mark V Sunburst Project Guitar Restoration Kurt Cobain, incomplete and disassembled, neck sanded to bare wood, serial number hard to read, I guess it's something like B55x or B65x.
B610 Sunburst Jan 31 1966 0026 Feb 11 1966 0004 Thread here: My latest find and here: Mark II
B619 Sunburst Jan 31 1966 0033 Feb 11 1966 0002 Thanks to Seth for his contribution.
B630 Sunburst
B638 Sunburst Jan 31 1966 0022 Feb 25 1966
B640 Sunburst Mar 1 1966 0022 Feb 1 1966 2-piece neck
B648 Sunburst Not sure with serial number as it's hard to read on the pictures, found here in France: Mosrite - Ventures 2
B649 Sunburst 4-piece neck, eBay September 2013, BIN 1990AU$ (1883USD then): 1966 Mosrite Ventures Mark II - Real Vintage USA Mosrite, Rare and Amazing!
B655 refinished red Feb 1 1966 0005 Stringguide and zero-fret changed to standard nut.
B670 over B641 refinished Jan 31 1966 0036 Mar 3 1966 0003 Stripped, neck, body, Moseley with wrong arm, bridge, 4 tuners only (seen March 2011) mosriteforum member 101Volts: A functional guitar now, though not all stock: PUs and pickguard were crafted by Ed Elliott. As of this date (September 2013) it hasn't been refinished either. Video here at youtube.
B674 over B645 Sunburst Mar 1 1966 0001 Mar 2 1966 0009 Pix here at the forum: FS: '66 Mosrite Ventures II Model w/ original case, strap. Seller tells Potentiometers are Central Lab 134-66-05, made 5th week of 1966, Pickups read about 12.8K.
With narrow M-knobs changed for spun knobs and blue instead of red interior case for sale December 2018 at reverb: 1965 Mosrite Ventures II Sunburst Electric Guitar with OHSC, sold for 2,400 USD/2,180 EUR.
B678 over B649 Sunburst Another serial number with some extra digits, I guess to correct a duplication. Custom made tortoise pickguard. Pictures and description here at the mosriteforum: New to this forum. Please help!.
B681 red found here: Vintage 1966 Mosrite Ventures Ii Very Rare Ex Condition 1/400? Produced L@@k!
B686 red found here: MOSRITE VENTURES II #B686. Found again on eBay: vintage MOSRITE VENTURES ll MODEL 60'S
B687 Sunburst

Ventures Mark V

„Mark V“ instead of „II model“

B480–B891; B1177 (outlier?)
approx made: 200
February–July 1966

The final Ventures II design with a slightly different logo

Mosrite Ventures Mark V

s/n color neck-date body-date note
X384 silverburst strange serial number, very rare color, near mint condition, pots are dated 1966 28th week, thread here: "X" in Mark V Serial #, pictures here at Back on eBay in November 2015, starting at 2199 USD: 1966 MOSRITE VENTURES MARK V SILVER BURST EL. GUITAR W/ OHSC Serial # X384.
B480 Sunburst
B605 red (refin.?) eBay June 2012, serial number according to seller; neck plate missing
? Sunburst Feb 1966 Feb 1966
B694 Sunburst
? blue Mar 1 1966 ?
B708 blue Mar 3 1966 0020 Feb 19 1966 0018 Great story here at Tym Guitar's blog: 1966 Mosrite Mk V. My first real Mosrite.
B726 blue
B733 blue
B734 natural (stripped) Apr 6 1966 unreadable
B735 sunburst (ref.) Reverb ad February 2016 here: Mosrite Ventures Mark V 1966 Sunburst, price: 1800USD/1644 EUR.
B751 ex-red - refinished has been red - sold in eBay for restauration
B758 translucent maroon custom pg
B765 Sunburst eBay June 2011
B774 white
B777 white Found on this Japanese website: ★Mosrite 「The Ventures Mark V」モデル エレキ★ジャンク品★ - ヤフオク!—I guess it's for sale.
B791 ref.?
B795 Sunburst
B797 Sunburst found here: MOSRITE MARK V VENTURES MODEL sunburst / original case – thanks to Austin for the link!
B800 red eBay December 2016: Mosrite Ventures Mark V 1965 German Carve guitar, Merry Christmas!, 2950 USD BIN or best offer.
B802 red Jul 14 1966 0013 eBay October 2012, 2899 USD starting
B807 white Found on this Japanese website: Mosrite 1966 MARK-5, OLYMPIC WHITE, MOSLEY ARM,(中古・ヴィンテージ)【Jギター楽器詳細|Mosrite】—I guess it's for sale.
As of March 2018 it's for sale on eBay: Mosrite It 1966 The Ventures Model Mark V Pearl White Used FREE Shipping, BIN 3620 USD
B808 refinished June 26 1966 Appeared in facebook in January 2015. Not completely sure about serial number.
B817 Sunburst Signed by Nokie Edwards
B822 white, ref. met. purple painted over Jul 19 1966 0016 serial number (perhaps B812) hard to read; the complete guitar 1966 MOSRITE VENTURES MARK V CALIFORNIA PURPLE SPARKLE REFINISH and earlier here: Mosrite of California Electric Guitar. Neck only on eBay March 2014, 750 USD starting: 1965 MOSRITE OF CALIFORNIA THE VENTURES MARK V NECK & TUNERS—later the neck has been relisted and nearly all other parts of that guitar appeared on eBay, too.
B830 red vibrato changed to Bigsby-type
B843 Sunburst signed by Nokie Edwards
B844 white Jul 22 1966 no date ad at March 2015: ■1966 mosrite USA mark V■Ventures■エド・エリオット■mod■. Pickups changed to grey Ed Elliotts, refretted with medium jumbo frets.
eBay March 2020: Mosrite The Ventures Mark 5 Used, BIN US $3,243.57 from Japan.
B856 red
B860 red thread here at mosriteforum, January 2018: Recently Acquired A 1965 Mark 5
B875 blue eBay October 2016: Vintage1965 Mosrite The Ventures Mark V 6 String Electric Guitar RARE MODEL!!!, BIN 1650 USD, changed tuners, missing tone knob and strap buttons.
B884 blue found here: Mosrite Mark V Guitar 1965 (one owner) – thanks to Austin for the link! S/n hard to read, may be something like B8x4.
B889 red
B891 blue eBay April 2011, perhaps B801, potentiometers: Centralab 1346628
B892 red Jul 19 1966 0016 no date but stamped s/n eBay April 2018: 1966 Mosrite Mark V Mark 5 The Venture Model.
S/n hard to read, might be B882 as well (thanks to Austin for the info and picture). Body is stamped B1140 in the neck cavity, so it might be a replacement.
B895 blue thanks to J.G. for thanks to J.G. for photo and info!
? blue Ricky Wilson's (B-52's) guitar, replaced tuners and tone-knob; picture here.
B1028 blue outlier with the trussrod nut still at the neck's body end;, sold in October 2015 for €1,932.40EUR (located in England: 1965 Mosrite 'The Ventures' Mark V.
B1177 Sunburst, neck Sunburst near mint condition, outlier with the trussrod nut still at the neck's body end; eBay August 2013, starting at 2195USD, BIN 2995USD: BEAUTIFUL MOSRITE VENTURES MARK V, finally sold for 1895USD.

Ventures Mark V

trussrod nut at headstock

B943–B1506 (?)
approx made: 550
April 1966–1968 (?)

Mosrite Ventures Mark V – trussrod nut at headstock

s/n color neck-date body-date note
B903 (?) white Serial number very hard to read (so not sure), eBay March 2014: 1960's MOSRITE VENTURES MARK V CALIFORNIA, sold for 1,375 USD.
B924 blue
B928 blue Changed string guide, for sale here from Madrid/Spain: Mosrite Mark V 1965 Blue, price 3000 Euro.
B930 blue 3 layer undercoat: white primer + red laquer + blue laquer; thanks to Dino for showing his guitar.
B933 Sunburst eBay February 2004
B936 blue eBay January 2004: Mosrite Mark V guitar circa 1966 all original with case.—sold for the starting bid of USD 1699.
Bx36 cream ref. Feb 28 1966 006 eBay June 2012, BIN USD 2500, seller reads B036, I guess it's B936, perhaps B836. Again on eBay Jan 2013 starting at USD 1495. Refinished, non original pickguard, tuners, switch, jack. Roller bridge. Refretted?
B943 red
B948 Sunburst eBay October 2019: Mosrite Mark V Ventures VTG 1966 Guitar Sunburst Org. Case Cobain Style Surf FIX, BIN 2000 USD – serial number hard to read, the last digit may be a 5 or 6.
B949 red Dec 9 1965 0024 eBay October 2012, BIN 2950 USD
B950 red
B963 white serial number hart to read (B9x3), 3 piece neck, eBay March 2014: 1960's MOSRITE VENTURES MARK V CALIFORNIA - sold for USD 1375.
B967 white 3 piece neck, German eBay October 2013: Sammlergitarre: 68er Mosrite The Ventures Mark V mit Koffer - sold for EUR 1765.
B968 Sunburst Pictures here at
B970 Sunburst Reverb February 2019 Mosrite Ventures Mark V 1966 Sunburst, price 2950USD/2695EUR
B975 ref. white unreadable eBay April 2013; refinished, "The Ventures" logo missing
B983 Sunburst
B988 white no date no date Thanks to Chris Reeky for showing me ;)
B989 white eBay December 2013: RARE 1966 MOSRITE VENTURES MARK V White Body Electric Guitar w/Case & Amp - sold for US $1,625.00 (with Univox U65RN amplifier).
B992 Sparkle Blue (ref., originally white) Reverb ad here:
Mosrite Mark V Ventures 1966 Blue Sparkle
, price: $1499
B993 Sunburst
B994 cream (white) auction April 2012, auction archive
B996 yellowed white, ref. Feb 28 1966 Sold in parts on eBay Jan 2013: VINTAGE 1966 Mosrite Mark V Ventures Model EZ PROJECT. Refinished, missing pickups, potentiometers: Centralab 1346552 and 1346601
B997 white
B1002 white For sale on eBay July 2017 Mosrite Ventures Mark V Guitar - White (1966), BIN 1999USD; weight: 7.3 lbs.
B1009 Sunburst For sale on gbase 1964 Mosrite Mark V The Ventures and on the french seller's website: Mosrite Mark V The Ventures 1965.
B1025 Sunburst
B1036 blue thanks to B.C. for the info!
B1037 blue
B1038 blue thanks to P.S. for the info!
B1040 red body only on eBay, November 2013: VINTAGE MID 1960's MOSRITE USA VENTURES MARK V RED GUITAR BODY PART I II - finally sold for US $249.95 in December 2013.
B1046 or B1048 Sunburst eBay Jan 2012
B1050 Sunburst, neck Sunburst no date Oct 26 1966 (no further ink stamped number), serial number embossed in neck pocket thanks to G.G. for showing me! Polyester lacquer on body and neck. Parted out meanwhile...
B1062 blue eBay July 2014: original 1966 MOSRITE "The Ventures" Mark V 5 BLUE!!!, starting at 2090 USD.
B1068 Sunburst Excellent condition, thanks for info and pictures to C.G.
B1092 white missing some parts (knobs, bridge, bridge pu) – thanks to zoli for his contribution ;)
B1140 white no date no date Information I got: "body serial B 1140, neck stamp appears to be double stamped (reads BB 4 / 6 / 5 / 4 (vague)) and is hard to read. I got a potmeter code as well, the volume control reads 1346628." Thanks a lot to Martijn. Ad and pictures here: Mosrite 1965 Venture Mark VI Olympic White. More pictures here: Mosrite The Ventures Mark V 1966 Aged White.
B1144 white
B1153 red
B1168 Sunburst, neck Sunburst thanks to K.H. for the info
B1171 Sunburst, neck Sunburst
B1172 Sunburst, neck Sunburst
B1186 No pictures, but mentioned here.
B1191 red eBay April 2012, 2450 usd BIN; again on eBay May 2013, sold for US $1,631.66.
B1194 red
B1204 blue
B1205 blue Thanks to Paul from Canada.
B1214 blue Reverb February 2020: Mosrite Ventures Model Mark V Solid Body Electric Guitar (1965), ser. #B1214, black gig bag case. price: 2,950USD/2,830.77EUR.
B1230 white
B1250 red eBay Jan 2012, 4000 BIN
B1263 Sunburst, neck Sunburst Reverb September 2017: Mosrite Ventures price: 2500 USD. Grover tuners, non original HSC.
B1271 red eBay Nov 2012, 2300 BIN
B1280 Sunburst, neck Sunburst
B1290 Sunburst (ref.) Pots dated 47th week of 1966, found here at
B1313 Ink Blue Pictures here in this October 2016 Chicagomusicexchange ad: Mosrite Ventures Model Mk. II Ink Blue 1960s, price 1695 USD.
B1323 white
B1329 white eBay February 2016: original 1967 MOSRITE The Ventures MARK V White!!! – BIN 1940 USD.
B1330 white Found on this Japanese website: MOSRITE USA Mark V 弦高調整他|ギター屋ジョニーのブログ – s/n a little hard to read, but I think it's B1330.
B1334 Sunburst forum member SanchoPansen
B1340 Sunburst, neck Sunburst
B1348 Sunburst, neck Sunburst serial number embossed in neck pocket Serial number according to owner
B1355 red
B1356 red
B1370 Sunburst Mentioned in this thread "Tried a Mosrite Ventures Mark V today", pictures here.
B1378 Sunburst eBay July 2016: Mosrite VENTURES MK-V Sunburst 1960s, BIN US $4,234.00 from Japan. s/n a little hard to read, last digit may be a 6.
B1392 Sunburst Reverb January 2019: Mosrite Ventures Mark V - 1966 - Sunburst, price US $ 1985/EUR 1810. Pots: 1346647 (November 1966), weight: 7.47 lbs.
B1398 blue eBay Jan 2012, 4000 BIN
B1400 (?) Sunburst found here: Mosrite Ventures V Guitar (1967) – thanks to Austin for the link! S/n hard to read, so it's maybe 1408.
B1409 Sunburst
B1431 blue Signed by The Ventures in 1997, sold on eBay in July 2012 for 2000 USD
B1445 Sunburst, neck Sunburst
B1465 Sunburst, neck Sunburst no date no date but serial number embossed in neck pocket sold Dec 2011 1673 USD (Heritage Auctions), auction archive, for sale again on eBay Mar 2012, BIN 1940 USD
B1468 Sunburst, neck Sunburst pots 47th week of 1966
B1475 Sunburst, neck Sunburst Thanks to Tany from Italy for the contribution.
B1483 Sunburst, neck Sunburst no date no date but serial number embossed in neck pocket December 2014: According to owner the serial number in the neck pocket is B1348 but that might be transposed digits in his notes. Thanks to J.P. for showing me his Mosrite.
For sale in parts at eBay December 2015: Mosrite 1966 Sunburst Ventures Mark V Body & Neck, 920 USD for body and neck, 120 USD for each pickup: Mosrite 1966 Black Ventures Mark V Bridge Pickup (7,06kOhms) and Mosrite 1966 Black Ventures Mark V Neck Pickup (7,1kOhmx), and 80USD for the harness: Mosrite 1966 Ventures Electronic Control Pots Harness.
B1489 Sunburst neck only
B1493 refinished pale blue Thanks to MS for showing.
B1494 green refinished, natural neck w/ black headstock (originally Sunburst?) no date no date or painted over Pickguard signed by The Ventures; rare color if not refinished - it may have originally been Sunburst with a Sunburst neck. Reverb December 2017: Mosrite The Ventures, Mark V 1966 Green, price US $3,500 (3080 EUR then).
B1499 Sunburst, neck Sunburst eBay April 2014: 1967 MOSRITE THE VENTURES MODEL MARK V Mk V - Great Cond! Rare; Serial # B1499, sold for 1,895 USD
B1502 Sunburst, neck Sunburst ad at Reverb, March 2016: 1968 Mosrite Ventures V, price 1,995 USD
B1506 (?) Sunburst, neck Sunburst ad at Reverb, April 2017: Mosrite Ventures Mark V 1966 Sunburst, price 2,450 USD. I'm not sure about the s/n's last digit.

No logo

After the Ventures‘ split: no logo anymore

approx made: 150
1968 (?) to early 1969 (Mosrite bankruptcy Feb 14, 1969)

The neck plate disappears: nearly all have 3 or 4 bolts without a neck plate and with japanese tuners. Seems the last ones have been equipped with slightly reshaped over run D-100 Dobro necks (thanks to Ed Elliott for that info!).

Mosrite Mark II/V style without Ventures logo

s/n color neck-date body-date note
B1466 (?) Sunburst Serial number according to seller. For sale at Mosrite Mark V ventures 1966 Sunburst, price: 1900 USD
B1523 Sunburst Thanks to R.K. for the info
? Sunburst Feb 25 1966 0004 4-bolt w/ plate, Kluson tuners, for sale as of January 2019 at即決 ヴィンテージ USA Mosrite Mark-V ボディ+ネック. Body and neck only. Neck: ヴィンテージ USA Mosrite Mark-V ネック モズライト, body: ヴィンテージ USA Mosrite Mark-V ボディ モズライト
B1544 Candy Apple Red or Maroon Mar xx 1966 0012 4-bolt w/ plate, Kluson tuners, eBay May 2013, sold for 1726 USD (EUR 1331 then). Body seems to have a (serial?) number stamped in neck pocket (140?), blue undercoat
B1546 Candy Apple Red 4-bolt w/ plate, Kluson tuners
B1548 Candy Apple Red 4-bolt w/ plate, Kluson tuners. eBay November 2016: Late 1960's Mosrite No Logo Ventures Vintage USA, price: 2795 USD
B1557 Sunburst, neck Sunburst 4-bolt w/ plate, Kluson tuners
B1561 Candy Apple Red 4-bolt w/ plate, Kluson tuners; Reverb December 2019: Mosrite Mark V 1967 Candy Apple Red, price: 2450USD/2307EUR
B1578 white (ref.) 3 bolt no plate
B1582 Sunburst 3 bolt no plate, Kluson tuners
B1589 stripped no date no date stripped, neck and body only; 3 bolt no plate, Kluson tuners, pictures here and forum thread here: New project – what am I starting with?
B1598 Sunburst 3 bolt no plate, thread here: My Mark V in Pictures
B1600 translucent brown (refinished?) 3 bolt no plate, japanese tuners
B1605 Sunburst 3 bolt no plate, Kluson tuners. Reverb June 2018:
Mosrite MK II / V circa 1967
, price: 2500 USD
B1615 Ink Blue 3 bolt no plate, Kluson tuners, eBay October 2014: MOSRITE MARK I GUITAR. 1968. The No Logo Ventures Guitar. Natural Relic. RARE.
For sale again, eBay October 2015: Mosrite Mark II/Mark V "NO (Ventures) LOGO" guitar 1968, EXTREMELY RARE, starting at 2,499.00 USD, BIN 3,500.00 USD.
B1646 Sunburst 4-bolt no plate, japanese tuners
B1674 (?) 2-col-Sunburst 4-bolt no plate, japanese tuners, color: red-black-burst, s/n according to add in Dec 2004 is 1167A – maybe someone mis-read it and it's the more propable B1674.
B1675 white 4-bolt no plate, japanese tuners, pictures here at
B1678 white japanese tuners
B1680 white japanese tuners, Thanks to Todd N. for his contribution.
B1687 sunburst 4-bolt no plate, added cutout at the body, neck with binding (originally made for Mosrite's Dobro D-100 models, wide symmetrical headstock with factory cut M carve) and Kluson tuners, pictures and discussion here at mosriteforum: Custom/Modified Mark V?


headstock labeled „Gospel“ instead of „Mosrite“

approx made: 15
1969 after the bankruptcy

No Mosrite, no Ventures, 4 bolts, no plate, japanese tuners…

Gospel Mark II/V style

s/n color neck-date body-date note
B1689 Sunburst, neck Sunburst sold 15-3-2006 for 2550 usd (auction), link here. Stamped after the last fret.
B1695 Sunburst, neck Sunburst sold 2010: Vintage Mosrite Gospel Guitar by Semie Moseley RARE!
B1697 Sunburst, neck Sunburst Kurt Cobain's guitar, on auction Apr. 17, 2004 auction archive, then again Apr. 15, 2006, auction archive. Stamped after the last fret.
B1700 Sunburst, neck Sunburst no date no date

Mark V Bass

German Carve Ventures II / Mark V body with (guitar scale) bass neck

I’ve no idea if they’re partsrites or custom made, all seem to be quite different.

Mosrite Mark V Bass

s/n color neck-date body-date note
2 2B 71 (?) metallic candy green 1966, natural neck with binding, , Mosrite bass tuners, Ventures (Mark I) logo (found 2010 at the fillmore blog)
s/n unknown Redburst natural neck with binding (found 2013 at facebook)
BB003 + Z0381 Sunburst neck without binding, natural neck and headstock, Mosrite bass tuners (found 2011) – serial number speaks for the partsrite theorie, as the Z-number is from a Mosrite Celebrity III bass. Perhaps a factory build as the font of the BB003 is the right one.
Here's a thread about it at the mosriteforum: NBD - 196? Mk V Bass and some good pictures.
s/n unknown Sunburst neck without binding, black neck and headstock, Mosrite bass tuners (found 2013 at facebook)
s/n unknown Sunburst natural neck with binding, in restauration (found 2013 at facebook)
s/n unknown Sunburst natural neck without binding, Mosrite bass tuners, 4 screw body without plate (found 2014 at g-base, ad here: Mosrite Baby Bass)
s/n unknown Sunburst natural neck without binding, Mosrite bass tuners, 4 screw body without plate (November 2016 at g-base, ad here: 1969 Mosrite Ventures Bass)


Slab Ventures II body with steel guitar neck

You may ask what those some kind of weird Mel-O-Bar guitars have to do with the Mosrite Ventures II guitar…

Well, while the production of the necks began around March 1966, there are two runs of the body, whereof one does not have a date stamp while the other is stamped October 1965. The unstamped bodies (1) have a shape very close to that of the Ventures II Slab bodies, with very small pickup routings, something like a missing link between the Mark I body and the Slab. The October 1965 bodies (2) look like the common German Carve Ventures II bodies, only without the German Carve, and are dated before the earliest German Carve bodies. I guess these bodies used for the Mel-O-Bar have originally been some kind of prototypes, the unstamped for the Slab, the October 1965 for the German Carve Ventures II.


s/n color neck-date body-date body-style note
? white Oct 25 1965
008 Sunburst over blue Mar 1966 Oct 1965 2
011 Sunburst 2
015 Sunburst 2 For sale at Reverb in December 2018: Mosrite Mosrite/Melobar circa 1965 3-Color Sunburst, price 2,250 USD /2,044 EUR
027 Sunburst 1 For sale at Reverb in December 2018:
Mosrite Melobar 10 String 1967-1969 3-Color Sunburst
, price 3,244 USD /2,750 EUR in the Netherlands.
055 Sunburst 2
056 or 058 sunburst over white Mar 10 1966
no date 1 Videos here at youtube:
Melobar mosrite barn find
Mosrite melobar reborn March 1966 - 2016
2016 Melobar barn find
? sunburst over white no date 1 Videos here at youtube:
Melobar mosrite barn find
Mosrite melobar reborn March 1966 - 2016
2016 Melobar barn find
I'll complete this body to a slab Ventures II prototype guitar.
080 Sunburst 2
104 Sunburst 2 Found here at Reverb: Mel-O-Bar Mosrite Body c. 1968 3 Tone Sunburst, price 1250 USD (in 2016).
113 Sunburst 2 Played by The Lovin Spoonful, for sale here: 9-String Slide Guitar, price 1200 USD.
152 Sunburst 1


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